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Quiz: Do you know your Miss Indias

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D goel
TheWannabe Missis Lara ,Parvathy Pillai Panang
by D goel on Jun 10, 2011 02:54 PM

D.Goel pkl. afternoon, 2.55 pm , Friday, June 10, 2011,
TheWannabe missis ofBeauty Hat like Parvathy ,Pillai, Diya Mirza or Gul Panang are truly Aphrodite's favoured Daughters , risingabove caste , race or region of India.
They successfully throw strong darts and beams of radiant sexual Dreams to all their Male admirers. They cash on Male penchant for big bobbies and deep behinds.

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Jehan Mir
Three Miss India in 2000 ?
by Jehan Mir on Feb 07, 2011 05:06 PM  | Hide replies

How come there are three(3) Miss India forb year 2000? Lara Dutta,Dia Mirza and Priyanka Chopra ?

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sagar chodanker
Re: Three Miss India in 2000 ?
by sagar chodanker on Feb 07, 2011 08:41 PM
its Miss India World(1st Place), Miss India Universe(2nd Place) & Miss India Asiapacific(3rd Place)

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Re: Re: Three Miss India in 2000 ?
by MONIKA SINGH on Feb 08, 2011 10:37 AM
Miss India Universe is 1st place and Miss India World is 2nd Place. Miss India Asia Pacific is changed to Miss India Earth.

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Re: Re: Re: Three Miss India in 2000 ?
by radhika on Feb 08, 2011 07:20 PM
u r right monika.!

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vanity fair
Re: Re: Re: Re: Three Miss India in 2000 ?
by vanity fair on Jul 17, 2011 12:16 PM
seems enough knowledge..

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Pat Thakur
Are you mentally demented, rediff?
by Pat Thakur on Feb 07, 2011 01:23 PM

Will simple junta like us ever get to know Miss India's? They are first studied by their immediate group (friends), then the grooming institute chiefs, then the tournament officials, then the tournament judges. & once they're judged as Miss India's, the whole world of politicans, socialites, magnates, tycoons etc i.e rich, famous n influential people is open to them.

& if they come to films, then directors are very eager to know them & vice versa.

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Thomas Philip
X-rated movies have no names
by Thomas Philip on Feb 07, 2011 12:23 PM

Her first movie did not have a name.

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by neeti on Feb 07, 2011 11:29 AM  | Hide replies

who knows,who cares?

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Prasad Damodaran
Re: errp
by Prasad Damodaran on Feb 07, 2011 11:52 AM
All the ladies in their bikinis nothing left for imagination.

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charuni r
This is not a complete list
by charuni r on Feb 07, 2011 02:18 AM

What about Susmitha Sen and Aishwarya Rai???

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