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Review: Rajanna is brilliant

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ravi kowtha
Wake Up Telanaga ppl
by ravi kowtha on Dec 30, 2011 11:47 PM

Movie clearly picturised the fact that the telangana region and ppl were inhumanly exploited by the then muslim rulers, velama doras and the Patels with their rude followers of Telanaga and not by the ppl belonging to either Rayalaseema or Andhra. Seemandhra ppl helped them in the development of downtrodden telangana region and the ppl.

Telanaga ppl shud atleast now realise the fact and be cautious abt the bad tendency and selfishness of pseudo saviours like KCR (aparently a Velama) and other telanga exploiters for their political aspirations.

Hats off to Nagarjuna for picturising the historical fact

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Prem Sagar Rajulapati
A Must watch for every Indian
by Prem Sagar Rajulapati on Dec 30, 2011 10:48 AM

The film Rajanna shows the stamina of the telugu film industry and its technicians

The writer of this film is none other than the creator of block buster movies like
Samarasimha Reddy
Sri Vijayendra Prasad

This time he shows his avatar as a director along with story,dialogues and screenplay.Every moment of the film shows how much care he has taken in selecting the location,costumes,background,Nizamabad articles,cars and carts etc,mood of the artiste ,what not every little thing.Its a replica of his thoughts and expression. Perfect screenplay has taken the audience to the NIZAM PERIOD;as a director he was very successful in drawing the highest talent from each artiste from Nagarjuna,Annie to the little boy.We have the feeling of watching a Hollywood movie.Telugu audience should feel proud that tollywood has seen a talented director,definetely he is one of the best directors in South India,Sir please continue your journey as a successful director.SS Rajamouli action scenes are superb.We can see the director's divinity, brilliance and dedication .Many scenes like -Sneha's death -Child's travel in the river -Horse races -village atmosphere -Dorasani introduction -Mallama hugging Rajanna's Samadhi -Burning of the house -Gandhi's death -Railway station scenes -Rajanna introduction,dialogue and fight -Rajanna's friends,mad mother,Nawab's tonga's journey -Nawab's tax system on women at Pothuraju statue -Rajanna's e

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Yogesh Y
Naa telangana Koti Ratnala Veena
by Yogesh Y on Dec 27, 2011 03:52 PM

Its really good moview, songs, script, action & direction superb. I have seen now days producers & directors have realised the imporatnce of telangana region, its history,festivals, language and they have started creating movies based on telangana culture which they have ignored from last 40 years. If they start doing research in telangana region, they will find more scripts and can create good movies.

KCR fast which trigger Telangana movement at this level, it is evolution for andhra pradesh state where it divides the history before & after december 2009

Its well said by Daasaradhi Krishnamacharyulu
Naa Telangana, Koti Rathanala Veena

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HariKrishnaKanth R
Really brilliant!
by HariKrishnaKanth R on Dec 26, 2011 08:26 PM

This movie is a true depiction of the freedom struggle of the then less privileged Indians. Some scenes are so well directed that one's heart feels the pain and eyes get wet.
The younger generation should watch this movie with an open mind and understand at what cost they are enjoying their freedom.
I could see the characters not the actors!!! Everyone did justice to their respective dept..
In my opinion this film appeals to every segment of the audiences...

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Over rated movie
by bhanu on Dec 26, 2011 03:27 PM  | Hide replies

I don't think thid movie requires 4 rating.It's nonsence.3 would have been OK.Everyone acted well except Nagarjuna.The climax is the worst of all.Ur over rated movies draged me to the Theater and I had to run mad after the movie.The Music by Keeravani needs to be appreciated.The magic of the Folk songs revibrated in this generations ears.Pls don't over rate ordinary movies.Real life is different from the Reel life.It's doesn't mean that the Telangana movement is going on so u have to rate it high such srape movies.U cannot even sit with a family and watch the movie.Some scenes r so wild that I feel that humans have evolved only Physically but not with the brain.I think they do anything or create stupic scenes for the hero entrances.It is a time waste movie.Except for the music.

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Re: Over rated movie
by narender on Dec 26, 2011 03:35 PM
I disagree with you.
On top of it whatever I say will lead to an arguement which I dont want to start.
You didnt like it, it does'nt mean its waste of time.

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ks prakaash
Re: Over rated movie
by ks prakaash on Dec 26, 2011 04:48 PM
I agree with you. I wish to add that the looks so unreal. it's beyond comprehension that one person can single handedly annihilate the army of the whites and thugs. People flying in fight sequences remind me of the latest telugu movies like Pokiri, Dhookudu, etc. The only things missing in this movie are flying cars and heavy vehicle. It is so unrealistic to note that a young girl reaching Delhi against all odds with nothing on hand. The hero Rajannan appears to have emerged straight from the comic book. Some sequences are well shot but on the whole, it is a hyped movie and doesn't deserve more than 2 stars. It's my personal opinion, my friend and yes, the theme is good but not the treatment. The director definitely compromised with several sequences and characters and played to the front benchers.

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Spectacular movie!
by narender on Dec 26, 2011 03:12 PM

After 10 minites movie started, I have come to know that I am going watch great movie.Hats-off to Nagarjuna for genuine efforts, Annie seems to be born artiste, Raja mouli , Keera vani sir.. You all rock....

People .. its a must watch! encourage this kind of movies, not pathetic idiotic calculated commercial dramas with stupid fights,item song,cheap comedy etc.

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by satish on Dec 25, 2011 05:24 PM


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