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Lafangey Parindey music is whimsical

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sanjeev ganguly
Good movie but the last KISSING SCENE spoiled the movie!
by sanjeev ganguly on Aug 22, 2010 12:37 PM

movie was good and full of emotion, ethical values, indian culture!

all the time, i was enjoying the movie and i was thinking this movie shud be a hit one as it was made with full of love and heart!

it was a decent movie!

but it lost its decency , purity, image and the tag of 'family movie' in its unwanted, unwarranted deep kiss scene between neil and deepika in last scene!

no, no, i am fond of sex and in fact i love to see porn movies, vilolence , action and vulgur movie but all in ethical and moral way where it is required! if u have gone to a bar, dont drink milk or if u drink milk there, people must think , u r drinking beer or wine! so, it applies with the situation and emotion where u need decency if u have kept it throughout the movie!!

when deepika was confessing to neil, in last scene, there the falling of eye drop from eyes of neil was wonderful and was full of emotion ! i was thrilled but in next scene without a deep hug, they engaged in vulgur and nude deep kissing which was totally unexpected, taking the movie from its decency to idiotic vulgarity!

for that unwanted, unnecessary kissing scene, i was so raged that while i was thinking for the movie to support, i was totally against of it and i rejected to recommend this movie to anyone! actually, i was hurt with my feelings!

this kissing scence has destroyed the movie, its purity,its ethos!

shamme on director of this movie! they shud immediately remove this last kissing scene!

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music is bad!
by Aditya on Jul 22, 2010 01:00 PM  | Hide replies


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Professor Plum
Re: music is bad!
by Professor Plum on Aug 20, 2010 12:36 AM
You obviously don't know much about music. Need some lessons dude?

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ambrish shukla
by ambrish shukla on Jul 21, 2010 03:07 PM

Pradeep sarkar directed this movie.....Goodness me.....You must be kidding me!! Are you serious??
LCMD and Parineeta? Now LP??

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