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Anjaana Anjaani has a zingy score!

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by glen on Aug 30, 2010 01:33 PM

wait till guzarish music comes out..it will rock but the movie will be a bigger flop than kites...hritik is finished

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Arun Premraj
by Arun Premraj on Aug 30, 2010 01:11 PM  | Hide replies

will the movie be any good or another marketing gimmick ..
good movies are so far n few in bollywood..

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Re: sdfdsf
by dfdf on Aug 31, 2010 04:57 AM
'good movies are so far n few in bollywood'

You need to be beaten to death or kicked out of India for saying such stuff

Infact you need to be beaten senseless for spoiling my mood you stupid Brown-Sahibized coolie faggot.

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