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Indian television''s woes

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sarada sankar
I couldnt agree more
by sarada sankar on Jun 12, 2009 02:38 PM

the so called serials need not be watched every day...the Indian serials are like capturing the turtle walking in slow motion...even if you watch it once a month... you will understand the entire plot...
the Reality shows are no better...

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soumyakant singh
Whats the problem?
by soumyakant singh on Jun 12, 2009 12:35 PM

First of all, who are we proving a point by streamlining our Television shows? The average indian viewer comprises mostly of women folk, the homely lot who do identify with the shows aired on television. The other ones are happy with the countless "reality" shows and a few oldies (ex- CID), and the innumerable music channels cater to the youth. The more intellectual types do actually go for the american series like prison break, heroes, how i met your mother etc etc, and they do have access to watch such shows just like everybody else, maybe a season behind than our USA viewers but dat isnt a big deal. This urban viewer will not shift to hindi television, even if u change the content and stuff as sony has done. so where is the problem? As far as news is concerned, an urban person wud go for a Times Now, NDTV,CNBC - 18 or Headlines today, but a gud amount of viewership is guaranteed to star news and india TV from small towns, because of their content, they knw it and are playing to their strengths.

So stop all the nonsense of radical development, alls fine in telly land!!!

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Amey Joshi
Better watch News,Discovery and National Geograpihc channel
by Amey Joshi on Jun 12, 2009 10:57 AM

I never watch any TV serial unless my wife does so. These TV Serials are very boaring. No story, no script, and no proper direction, no new ideas. They literally torture audiences. Not only to that they steal the concept of movies. In some of the TV serials you will see songs.
Better were those days when there were no private channels and only Doordarshan was there. We watched some excellent TV soaps like Humlog,Buniyad,Ye jo hain Zindagi which were close to middle class. We used to entertain a lot and that too those daily soaps were limited to 13 to15 part unlike todays where there is no end!
I watch news , Discovery and National Geographic channels most of the time. But I normally avoid Inida TV,Star News, and Aaj Tak news channel as their quality is third class.

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sanjukta mazumdar
Golden Era of Television Gone
by sanjukta mazumdar on Jun 12, 2009 10:11 AM

Its sad that any serial starting with some new topic finally bends towards the saas bahu drama. But aren't we watching them daily? We need to stop watching them and let the TRPs fall rather than blaming the makers.

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Worst Days of Television Viewing !!!
by PANKAJ SHARMA on Jun 12, 2009 01:22 AM  | Hide replies

I'll say, when we were kids ((1980 - 1990), ours was a golden era in TV Viewing as compared to today's generation. There's nothing except those shit saas-bahu soaps. If that wasn't enough, some more useless comedy serials and over dramatized mythologicals. Gone are the days of "Malgudi Days", "Tenali Rama", "Mahabharat", "Discovery of India", and many others. On the top of it, the news channels are a BIG TIME NAUTANKI. The irony is, we cant even tell our kids to watch these news channels for updates on some current affairs. I think, there should be some polling done in order to show the protest from common man, THAT WE ARE FED UP OF TELEVISION SOAPS.....WE NEED SOMETHING GOOD, REFRESHING AND MUCH MORE BEYOND THOSE EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIRS.

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chindhee chor
Re: Worst Days of Television Viewing !!!
by chindhee chor on Jun 12, 2009 07:28 AM
girls like burka and ekta kapoor have taken the news and sops respectively to a new rock bottom....

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Not completely true
by himanshu on Jun 12, 2009 12:53 AM  | Hide replies

I dont agree with you completely in terms of righteousness of American television. The example of Lost is a shinning example of series having been lost due to unnecessary extensions and seasons. Same is the case with heroes as well with no one dying in particular.
What India needs is the shows to explore various genres and leave aside Gujarati type stereotypes. India needs to not only look at season type structure ut get rid of people like ekta kapoor, cinevistas and other production houses. Rather then get innovative and develop a simple but effective storyline to build upon.
in india a despeate housewife even with a generation leap can be big hit provided u dont have a memory loss and accidents.

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Re: Not completely true
by mailsnooper on Jun 12, 2009 02:07 AM
completely agree with you on "heroes"...the first season was so interesting ...then second season was absolute stinker...clair didn't know anything but to cry and complaint...nobody dying...old dead characters coming back...it is just as messy as kyunki saas...

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righty rightwinger
by righty rightwinger on Jun 11, 2009 06:38 PM  | Hide replies

Why waste your time by watching soaps? Watch hindi news channels.The worst of the lot in the whole world.Just now star news was showing "exclusive" news of pipes in some district in maharashtra which were cracked and water being wasted. The headline was "Yeh pipe paani kyu peeti hai?" What crap!!! This is the kind of intelligence Star News, Aaj Tak and India TV have.

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Suraj Dubey
Re: TV
by Suraj Dubey on Jun 11, 2009 11:10 PM

Good one, righty. But it's not what intelligence the channels have but what their viewers have.

Have you ever witnessed the insatiable appetite Indians have to be silent spectators to the most trivial of incidents?

If you were, the telecast of such programming would not surprise you.

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Manish Kapur
by Manish Kapur on Jun 11, 2009 05:52 PM

You could have said the same in one line and we knwo we've been there. But then a man who gets his "morning mug of tea without stirring from bed" has a lot of time to kill isnt it.

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Oh I so agree!!!
by krajeshwari on Jun 11, 2009 03:50 PM

I gave up on all manner of soaps some years ago. A few months ago my husband and I started watching a music show - airtel super singer on vijay tv. Since it was more than 75% done, the quality of singing was rather good. But OH MY GOD!!!! did they drag it along. wild card contests bringing back old already rejected contestants, any excuse was sufficient to stop the competiton - pongal, independence day, my pet giving birth and with that you push the program for a few more weeks. And then came the long awaited finals... Shit man! the finals was supposed to be six weeks ago. first they had to bring the old contestants again for one reason or the other, then the followed the contestants to their house and to temples. organised live shows in malls etc. never ending!! and then it took a 4 hour show to announce the final result with all the judges comprising major singers looking with glazed eyes wondering when it was goign to finish. and every other minute, what do you think, what do you feel now what would you do if you won/lost. and then as if the 4 hour drag was not enough they had to show the whole thing again the next week over three days of 1 hour episodes........ We have sworn off television!!!!

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