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A dark yet romantic Harry Potter saga

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Raja Ramesh
Best So far
by Raja Ramesh on Jul 17, 2009 01:58 AM

I think there is so much to enjoy in this film. The humour quotient has been upped, the budding romances are both amusing and, in Hermione's case, affecting and it is one good looking film. However, as a passionate fan of the novels there were moments - not least the violent events at the Weasleys' home at Christmas - which jarred. I wanted to shout, 'but, but, but that's not in the book!' So, there is a health warning for book nuts like me - let go of your need for this film to be faithful to the details of the book and let it speak for itself. Do that and you may see that this film is faithful to the spirit of Rowling and you'll be in for a funny, exciting and thrilling time.

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Books and movies
by success on Jul 17, 2009 01:33 AM

David Yates is the useless director ! Till goblet of fire,the movies were good but order of the phoenix sucked big time and in this movie too this useless director has faulted and there is an overdose of love and less of action. Book is better as far as order of the phoenix and half blood prince is concerned.

Deathly hallows is the best book so far. Suspense,twists and turns and positives of malfoys and snape. Besides the heroics of neville longbottom when he single handedly fights voldemort and death eaters afetr harry's brief death and Mrs. Weasely fighting bravely.Also tedious and suspenseful searches of horocruxes and ways to destroy it .Also Ron saving harry's life and overcoming his hidden insecurities . Though many of harry's supporters die including Ron's brother but the ultimate triumph and harry leaving the temptation of deathly hallows.Too good deathly hallows

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Raghuram Chimata
Expected a lot
by Raghuram Chimata on Jul 16, 2009 10:34 PM

I expected a lot from the movie. But the story shown in the movie revolved around "love" rather than Voldemort/ Tom Riddle. There were many things that were omitted and in fact could have made the movie a lot more interesting.

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Darker plot!!
by STEPHEN SAYUJA on Jul 16, 2009 01:34 PM

This summer, sun did not shine much on Harry Potter 6th franchise, probably the director and cast/crew were over fatigued by repeated resonance to produce, of course, with few twists and extra tales. Given its large length of story telling, turns cumbersome and a bit of overdose with romance being filled in the air of HP adventures (sick), a little editing from the book would have been solicited to fit the screen chemistry of the story to gel with audience, thus avoiding the drudgery of love potions, convoluted romance tangles, mismatch of lovers, and we have a charming Emma feeding these to the audience. Neverthless the opening sequence where the three evils, that haunts Hogwart school, entry into the city of London and the breath-taking visual treat is astounding and pushes your adrenaline to the crescendo, its worth a watch. And after that pales the script, with over-narration of story and nothing much to expect especially the climax which leaves audience dull and dreading to wait for the end. Hope the next instalment will overturn this unfortunate narration and live up to the expectations of younger crowd, who is hungry for action and more magic. Let the magic wands be more stronger, atleast in 7th instalment.

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exellent movie
by yogesh2503 on Jul 16, 2009 07:56 AM

All "H.P." movies are exellent.So,i thought this movie will aiso exellent.

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