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Aadhavan''s music is medicore

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God Himself
Hi rediff
by God Himself on Sep 20, 2009 07:30 AM

I would request you to completely remove the above article written by Pavithra on Aadhavan's music. I guess the startegy should be changed. An article like above gives a totally inverted picture about the Music of Harris which is actually mind blowing. Please change your rating for the movie else Rediff loses its name for such wrong entries.

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innocent review
by nicholasnikitha on Sep 07, 2009 12:10 AM  | Hide replies

My god, It's high time that we should create a special review column to comment the reviewers who write about music nowadays. And this review about "ADHAVAN' abum is very biased and shows the kind of hatred against Harris music. Since the album is already rocking and has been declared as the maximum selling title in the past 5 years by Landmark chennai. It's time for rediff to take the correct decision on there critics before it was too late.

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Re: innocent review
by jayaraj on Sep 08, 2009 04:29 PM
i m waiting for dis movie

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aadhavan - sure for rock [pls dont write review without hearing]
by Guest on Sep 06, 2009 01:08 PM

hey guys and girls this album is very good all songs are rocking
i think writer of this review wil be hater/jealous on harris /surya / ks ravikumar tats why they gave bad review
wat ever may be songs are too good intha mathi reviews kodutha ppl wont diverrt from hearing these good songs
i dono wat happen to rediff why they allow these kind of false reviews check out rediff heads

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My sincere advice to you
by Guest on Sep 05, 2009 11:09 PM

Pavithra .... please stop writing reviews for rediff sake. when you could not able to differentiate the difference between a Veena and sitar (The instrument used in the song Dheko Dheko was sitar and not veena) how can you post an ill review about a great composer of our time?

The genre of the songs you've mentioned were 80's pop and not ABBA or Boney M. please learn something or at least hear good music to be a better music listener. and to write about music you have to travel very very far from this stage. My sincere wishes for your budding carrier to blossom soon.

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Ramu Krishna
Time to change your silly comments
by Ramu Krishna on Sep 05, 2009 08:09 PM

Miss Pavithra,

You better change the comments about Aadhavan music which is quite good. Please don't be foolish as your comments do not impress anyone.

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Mixture of love and craze!!!!
by krishnakumar on Sep 05, 2009 08:54 AM

Songs are splendid. "Currently Harris is the only composer in kollywood having the capability to satisfy the musiclovers very quickly".My favourites in this album are:
Hasili fisiliye : "We can hear for infinite period of time" Stylish and sweet to hear.DrBurn mellifluous sounds are awesome.
Perfect song to play in ipod during dating and long drive.

Yeno Yeno panithuli : "Slow and steady beats" Rap in between is so inspiring and we can murmer it repititively".Only harris can do these stuffs....

Varayo Varayo : "Sentimental as it touches our inner hearts" Lovers can better understand the feeling and rendition that harris foreplays...

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makesh athappa
nice music useless reviewer
by makesh athappa on Sep 04, 2009 06:39 PM

pavithra is useless reviewer doesnt know abt music the songs are good

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Ramu Krishna
Please educate yourself first
by Ramu Krishna on Sep 02, 2009 10:10 PM  | Hide replies

Before commenting on anything, you should know that thing perfectly. Music is no simple thing. It's really tough. Everyone can not be a Vangelis(The greatest composer of all time). Even Vangelis repeated his tunes and copied or inspired by others' music, everyone does these things. It takes a lot of stuff to understand best music and to produce that best music, you have to be a great or a genius. There are very few best music composers in India at present. AR Rahaman and Harris Jayaraj are two of those best composers. Please try to encourage them rather than discouraging them with these silly comments. Every music composer uses the same instruments but the one who effectively uses them becomes the best.

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God Himself
Re: Please educate yourself first
by God Himself on Sep 03, 2009 09:16 AM
I go with Ramu's comments. It always takes time to start liking the music. Not all songs in the first go! To be frank i liked only couple of songs in the beginning. Now i like all the songs from the movie. I am sure many wouldn't have liked Rahman's compositions too in the first go. So few more times and Pavithra you might as well remove your comments completely about Aadhavan's music. Please listen to the songs again. My rating for Harris would be 4/5 atleast.

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Ramu Krishna
Pavithra Srinivasan's review is pathetic
by Ramu Krishna on Sep 02, 2009 09:45 PM

This woman does not know what is music first. You just can't produce miracles every time. Who did in the world every time a miracle? Nobody ever gave outstanding music every time(No matter whether it is Beatles or Michael Jackson or Elton John or ABBA etc..). All repeated their music scores. First try to understand the music rather than screwing up yourself. Harris Jayaraj is a very good composer infact one of the very few best music directors in India and Aadhavan songs are good(nothing like Average stuff). It's really embarrassing that people who do not know about music are talking about music. It's really irritating. Please stop these mediocre reviews first.

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