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Review: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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Raguraman Ramachandran
Star Wars - Not for Critics
by Raguraman Ramachandran on Oct 10, 2008 01:51 PM

Dear Elvis, I think you should stop watching movies. Forget getting to review them on rediff.
Most of my friends do not accept your views. Moreover, while reviewing one film, kindly limit yourself to that and totally avoid references and reviewing of other related (unrelated)films. Especially leave references to (obviously good ones) those you have not comprehended at all.

It seems that your intention and wish was to impress on us that you have seen all the six and have a fair knowledge of what you are reviewing them. But it clearly is seen that you neither the inclination nor wish to show appreciation for them. Like many critics, you too have fallen into the trap that, as a reviewer, the more you write bad about other peoples work, the more you seem more intelligent to others. So elvis, stop that pretention if you ever want to make something about your life.

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The sad part is..
by cynic on Oct 10, 2008 01:21 PM

...other writers have expanded on the Starwars universe and written far better stories-the Old Republic series (as shown in the Knights of the Old Republic games), or the Yuuzhan Vong invasions faced by the New Republic-Han and Leia have twin children who also become Jedi, Luke marries Mara Jade- in short, the story continues with a whole new cast.

And what does Lucas do? Wallow nonstop in the same original movies. Give us a break already! We know how that began and ended..why not cinematize the Old Republic stories for a change??

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