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Rabbi''s rock star ambition

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aman ahluwalia
correct review
by aman ahluwalia on Jul 07, 2008 04:00 PM

Just few words all songs are different, yet have a rabbi flavor.
challa -- music is fine some words bounce over the head
bilquis- only hindi songs gives an inspiration and a message to Modi, police, judiciary and builder lobby in indirect but strong format but sorry rabbi those guys don’t know this kind of music , they need only mujra kind of songs
Karachi- is the only dancing number and gives an impression that you have had sex with the Karachi girl.
Main bolia - song no other song writer can even come close to in Punjabi. The song is little lengthier then the rest of the songs telling the untold story in drunken format.
Avengi-- wow straight question to girl want to have sex.
Pagri Sambhal --- being Punjabi I can understand but it wd be a research project to understand this song by anyone else. This seems like anti Muslim also. Bush got a support on his side as how bad Muslims are historically.
Bandra – most local song with international sound, bandra is going to become famous after narimun point in Mumbai.

Ballo – song dedicated to female feticide issue for the united nation. Album has its logo and facts how some musician can control song production.

Return to unity – good competition to AR Rehman’s pray for me Brother. Intellectual English speaking community in India and Pakistan can spend hours discussing.

Something is missing in album (needs a serious R&D) but album is on top of all charts replacing strings, sonu nigam and

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Bad Review!!!!!
by Guest on Jul 04, 2008 11:49 AM  | Hide replies

It is sad that the reviewer sumit bhattacharya is comparing Rabbi's take on rock to other rock bands from West. I was there when Rabbi played live at the concert in Delhi and he played almost all the songs from "avengi ja nahi".

1)[i]Karachi Valie, a Bryan Adams tune meets Punjabi lyrics thingie with lots of eighties rock standard guitar riffs and Rabbi sounding suspiciously like Rafi (or maybe it's just me), follows.[/i]

I haven't heard a better riff by an Indian artist on guitar EVER!! I too thought it was Rafi singing "firki waali tu kal phir aana" ;) But it should be a compliment to Rabbi.

2)[i]Maen Bolyan too. Avengi Ja Nahin, despite being the title track and despite nice slide guitar lines, is what the British call tepid.[/i]

This is really sad! I cannot believe how can someone who writes music reviews be so tasteless?

4)[i]Tu Avin Bandra has a bit of something to it, in a Floyd-ish way[/i]
This one of those songs which grows over you when you listen to it again and again. Most other songs in Rabbi's previous album had the same feel about it.

[i]He follows it up with what has to be the album's best song, Bilquis. You might snigger Dylan comparisons, but it is the first time a pop songwriter has questioned the India Story, from Bilquis Bano to Satyendra Dubey, from Manjunath to Navleen Kumar. In true anti-anthem style, the chorus asks, Where are those who are proud of India. The sign off song of the album, the English Return To Unity, is a bit of a letdown, despi

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Re: Bad Review!!!!!
by deepblue on Oct 21, 2008 02:51 PM
I second your opinion, I think 'Avengi Ja Nahin' is without a doubt the best song of the Album. You've really got to understand the lytics to make a comment Mr Bhattacharya. Lines like "Tere lareyan ich din kitte beete, kuch kat gaye kuch jama kitte" and "je main aawan tenu labban labbegi ja nahin, koi rah nishani apni chaddegi ja nahin" go straight to the heart and stoke up the memories of that long lost love.

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Winds Of Change
by Mohammed on Jun 25, 2008 03:17 PM

Rabbi was definitely a wind of change. His lyrics ( Read : Translation in English ) was brilliant, although I don't understand Punjabi or the Sufi stuff he was singing but nevertheless the music was fantastic. We ought to produce and encourage more singers of different jenera . Hope guys who are original goes places. Rock on Rabbi !

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