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Review: Love Story 2050

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by Guest on Oct 05, 2008 05:46 AM

i think this is a truly amazing and original movie. special effects were amazing and it really got you in the mood that you were in fact in 2050. The actor Harmen Baweja played the role really well bringing us into a world of two people governed by very strong bond and love. If it would of ended at the hitting of the bus then that would of been very sad. Movies are suppose to not only entertain us, but provide us with hope... the every thing humans lives for. For those to insult this movie... i would defintely like to see you do a better job!!! I have watched many hollywood movies that are beginning to become cliched... but this movie reaches the tops when speaking about originality second to the notebook. well done. Btw Raja sen never really have had respect for some indians that cant think past their nose... i guess you defintely fit into that category.

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Husam Gafur
the villian
by Husam Gafur on Jul 23, 2008 11:47 AM

The masked villian is good when he unmasks and lets go of the mystery: The story writer should have made the villian a character who was existant in 2008.It would have provided a vent for all the frusteration the movie has created.

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ashwani ojha
by ashwani ojha on Jul 22, 2008 10:30 AM

kyon J.P.malhotra 50-50 a9!
ashwani ojha

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Failure at ALL levels!
by Guest on Jul 21, 2008 11:16 PM

I've seen a lot of Hollywood rip-offs but this is the worst. Allow me to explain:

QT- Copied from Bicentennial Man and I-Robot

Boo- A teddy bear in the movie Artificial Intelligence

Holograms on the library screens- from the movie Time Machine

The light sabers from Star Wars were copied

Moves from Street Fighter (THE VIDEO GAME!) were copied

Flying cars from The 5th Element were copied

Back to the Future... anyone? Anyone?

This is just to name a few. I'm sure there are probably twice as many other rip offs that I missed. And what's with Microsoft's XBOX 360 in the year 2050? Wouldn't they be a little behind with that thing in 2050? This movie would been great if it had ended when Priyanka died on the street after getting hit by that bus (How can you not see that thing coming?). It would have had more respect that way even with a sad ending. Bollywood's first step into Science Fiction was a disaster on ALL levels even after the shameless rip-offs (including a video game, sadly). Raja Sen's review on this "movie" was still being too nice.
Director Baweja needs to be smacked with a trout and sent to his corner. Irani is as annoying as usual, and so are those kids. God what a failure! And the butterfly! And those ridiculous quotes: "I don't need luck, I have love!", "Don't try, just do or die!"... there isn't enough time to talk about all this. Was this a comedy? There is a serious lack of originality and imagination in Bollywood. All that hype for this baqwas.

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Love story 2050
by Priya on Jul 21, 2008 04:32 PM  | Hide replies

It is a very good film ...........please change its ratings..........

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Kaushik Biswas
RE:Love story 2050
by Kaushik Biswas on Jul 30, 2008 10:49 AM
Yep! She's right. Change it to 0. Or -1 if you can. Gawd, where's my aspirin!!

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About love story 2050
by Guest on Jul 21, 2008 04:29 PM

Love story 2050 is quite good film ...............its very very nice movie ...very beautifully presented nd really it must be a big hit but sadfully it is not ....i loved Harman nd Priyanka in this movie .they are very cute couple...Please PLease change the rating of this movie.....It os very good..

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vibhor chandra
by vibhor chandra on Jul 13, 2008 08:24 AM  | Hide replies

The reviewer seems to be very harsh on the movie and the lead pair. Both have done a good job. His dancing skills are amazing and their is nothing wrong to see someone see dance well. Randarely do we come across good male dancers (hindi actors)...so lets appreciate it...and he does look good.
This movie reviewer's skills sucks....

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by Guest on Jul 14, 2008 09:07 PM
Actors r nvr to blame coz they dint beg to act, they wer approached. Creative staff, the story writers, Script writers, director are to blame for casting them and the producer gets what he asks for by backing such a team. Actors are supposed to act in the movies, dancers are okay till songs, stage shows in weddings etc.... films mean money, its serious. Apparently no body is at loss except the person who looses money.

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Pradeep Sethi
Love Story 2050
by Pradeep Sethi on Jul 12, 2008 08:03 PM  | Hide replies

N. Indians are the most inferior people on the planet. Every Hindi film is a pathetic copy of a Hollywood film. When bakras like Karan johar, and this bewaja guys take 10 to 12 Hollywood films and steal bits and pieces and stitch them together, the corrupt Indian media calls them genuises.
LS 2050 is a pathetic attempt to copy bits and pieces of 20 Hollywood movies. The most strong eveidence is "Blade Runner" released 25 year ago. Even the two recent time machine films (including ther terrible Jackie Chan film) is copied. The costumes settings are all copied. Even the mad scientist's makeup/get up is a direct copy of the scientist in "Back to the future".

Indians get laughed at all over the world because of this. Indians do not even have the basics to let their imagination go freely since this was a futuristic movie and you could have done anything original. Shame.

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RE:Love Story 2050
by Guest on Jul 23, 2008 11:51 PM
hey mate, please ... thats the last thing we need now ..lashing out at each other when we are at loggerheads already .thanks to all these politicians ... .. why make such irresponsible comments .. someone could say the same things abt S Indians too .. c'mon , they make crap too , dont they ...
methinks quality can come from anywhere and same goes for crap .....

I agree with u though that we get laughed at for such crap ........ when will these guys make quality movies ..... instead of wating the taxpayers money ...
reminds me of the review of Donkey Punch the other day .... a british crap released a few days ago in UK ...

but then there's crap everywhere .. TV included .. saas bahu serials and all those ... eugh


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Naisha N
Harman grow up!
by Naisha N on Jul 12, 2008 07:00 AM

What goes around, comes around! Harman in this movie has tried so hard to imitate Hrithik in every possible way that now he is suffering the repercussions of it! Things would have been a lot different had he been somewhat original...

Much as I want to think that this is no fault of his (since looks are God Given), I can still not convince myself for it! Ok agreed that he's born with this face.. but wonder what he has to say abt his hairstyle, his sideburns, his stubble, his dialogue delivery, his dance, his wardrobe in the movie Love Story all of which is inspired by Hrithik! You have to watch the movie to believe it! The similarity is so uncanny that the whole time I was watching the movie, I was trying hard to find Harman within the image of Hrithik. Sadly, there are hardly very few moments where you see the true Harman. No doubt Hrithik is a huge star and to resemble him is a compliment, but don't let that overshadow your persona Harman. Comeon now, don't play with your career like this again. Hope you have learnt a good lesson!

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Naisha N
Absolute disaster!
by Naisha N on Jul 12, 2008 03:26 AM

This movie is a total waste of money both for the viewers and the investors! You will find it hard to sit through the whole movie... the first half with the teeny love scenes are too outdated and boring... and the second half with a sneak peek at the future doesn't have much to offer.
This is one movie which never captivates our heart, nor does it stir our emotions... We don't feel for the protagonists... This is one sinking ship which even the sci-fi effects won't manage to save.
And to top it all, you would feel like pulling your own hair on seeing lousy hero desperately trying to copy Hrithik in all his moves. Harman, you can't be Hrithik! Hrithik is THE BEST!!

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