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Ashwin Sardeshpande
Rajnikanth Type
by Ashwin Sardeshpande on Nov 02, 2007 04:40 PM

Shoot em up is a great entertainment. It has action which is inventive and something which nobody has seen before. Watch it for pure entertainment. This movie will definitely give our Rajnikanth some tough competition... even Rajnikanth will not dream of such action !!!

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shoot the director and producer
by news on Nov 02, 2007 06:16 AM

Shoot 'Em Up is Total Bakwas... The film doesn't have any great action scenes... Rediff has become so low in credibility.... Good films are getting low rating and bad films are getting high rating... 4 stars for Shoot 'Em Up
is something so bad.... it is just a 2 star film....

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Paisa Vasool
by Totoman on Nov 01, 2007 01:42 PM

Ekdum paisa vasool film..

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by JK on Oct 27, 2007 06:39 PM

writing own openion is NOT the JOB HE WAS IN...A reviewer should write about all the prospects of movie..Have U read Bhool Bhulaiyaa Review??..Raja Brainless Sen talks about "Amisha being in a movie is fact that movie is a flop"!!..The person who has these kind of preoccupied thoughts CAN EVER GIVE A PARTIAL REVIEW?..And the insane chap talks about a murder mystery in the film..now when that happened in the film?? ..Believe me, the "public Outcry" against him was fully justified..We want a reviewer here NOT AN OPENIONIST..and the Raja sick Sen is "Offended" if Akshay Kumar entered just befor the Interval!!!..Abey c..utiye if script required him to enter before the interval to isse tujhe kya karna tu director hai ya reviewer?? Hopeless Raja S..ucks big time

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