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Ishmeet Singh on VOI

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Moumita  Boral
He doesn't deserve
by Moumita Boral on Nov 24, 2007 01:07 AM  | Hide replies

He doesn't have talent u can call him SMS king and not a good singer. He is the product of millions of people who are promoting regional bias, gender bias and religious bias via SMS's. Otherwise talented singers like Aabhas, Irfan, Toshi, Abhilasha, Ashpreet and Priyani are out and Ishmeet is there in the final two. This fact couldn't be digested and this faulty SMS is not the right criteria to judge people, the real talent gets out and the not so good ones remain as many in our country are using modern technology like mobile n SMS to spread gender bias, regional bias and religious bias. Ishmeet may win the contest through SMS but the real talent of Aabhas, Irfan, Toshi, Priyani, Abhilasha and Ashpreet will only shine in the long run becoz they have music in their blood, when they sing audience gets mesmerised n spell bound which unfortunately doesnt happen when Ishmeet sings. He might appeal to Punjab n Punjabis (who are notorious for their skewed sex ratio, unhealth dowry system and bias against girl child) becoz that explains Ashpreet not getting frenzied votes from that region (despite being 1000 times better singer than Ishmeet)becoz as per Punjabi norms when "Munda is there then why to vote for kudi that is when the boy is there then why do we need a girl". I pity Harsheet becoz a talented singer like him will have Ishmeet as his competitor which is an insult to Harshit.

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RE:He doesn't deserve
by daring on Nov 24, 2007 07:49 PM
Hi Moumita

its ok if u dont wanna see him as VOI but why to talk these bullshits.U seems to be having any mental problem. please get checked by any good bengali doctor ....ok & dont talk these bullshits again....if u wanna clarify more please reply me......i will tell u in detail......Punjab is no 1 state for last many years....luv my punjab

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Tanmay Dutta
RE:He doesn't deserve
by Tanmay Dutta on Nov 24, 2007 03:30 PM
kya funda diya re.pure bullshit

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g b
RE:He doesn't deserve
by g b on Nov 24, 2007 08:16 PM
Moumita ur problem is only that there is no one from West Bengal / North East in the finals.So pls dont comment on the whole community.Its better that u dont vote n support anyone. Look out for saregamapa lil champs & Indian Idol 4, good luck to u.

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sarabjit singh
RE:He doesn't deserve
by sarabjit singh on Nov 24, 2007 01:32 PM
well dear, i think punjabism is not issue here.
If u dont like his voice. its ur prob. what is has to do with sex ratio, dowry and religion.
i think he appeals to india not only punjab. Coz punjab is only 1 state out of 27...
Write some sensible things..

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RE:He doesn't deserve
by punit on Nov 24, 2007 04:33 PM
Please......firts don't demolarise anyone...secondly don't be biased...

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Message deleted by moderator
RE:He doesn't deserve
by on Nov 24, 2007 02:13 AM
Hi Moumita,

I agree tht Ishmeet didnt deserved even in Top 10...n solely hez here cuz of crap votes...but tht doesnt mean ki u start insulting Punjabiz....

I personally found Toshi had simply not even a single candidate worth his competition...

n no 1 can judge better than the real ustaads of voice quality, who have spent their entire life in music n voice....

But then, as u mite b havin idea abt...ki...this SMS n stuff iz all abt makin money for these channel ppl, by negotiating wid Airtel n all...

so itz all abt cheap politics to boost their TRPs n make money frm ppl who r rich n stupid enuff to throw their money lavishly

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Ron Parhar
RE:He doesn't deserve
by Ron Parhar on Nov 24, 2007 06:36 AM
why u cry everywhere if u don't want Ishmeet to VOI then vote to harshit. simple... but for vote u spend money which u vn't then keep ur mouth shut...hahahahhahahah

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bikram seth
by bikram seth on Nov 23, 2007 08:06 PM

i think to gauge singer's capability ,he should told to sing mirza,this is not easy,and most established singers even donn't sing
from my side both guys's singing is bullshit

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panakat ameeruddin
by panakat ameeruddin on Nov 23, 2007 04:36 PM  | Hide replies

I dont know how fair the result is. Toshi and Irfan were the best of the lot however due to an outdated voting patern these two tlaented singers were ousted. Just because their states did not know the importance of the votes.

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