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Rabbi rocks with Delhii Heights

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james bond
Songs too good!
by james bond on Dec 13, 2007 03:08 AM

'Kitni der tak' is the best!

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chiranjib baruah
Delhii Heights music is just far out
by chiranjib baruah on Mar 24, 2007 07:51 PM

I heard Rabbi and I knew this guy is jus too good."Rabbi Rocks"

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What a music!!!
by Giridhar on Mar 13, 2007 06:23 PM  | Hide replies

superb..listen atleast once, otherwise U R missing some good music.

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RE:What a music!!!
by Giridhar on Mar 13, 2007 06:26 PM
Music of the year 2007 so far

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by on Mar 06, 2007 12:02 PM

Rabbi Shergil will get offers like CRAZY
Hope he reaches Rehman's heights.

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Delhii song
by on Feb 22, 2007 03:25 PM


Jagegi raat bhar aur                    &n bsp;                    & nbsp;It will keep awake all night
Bhagegi saath par kar                    &n bsp;               It will run alongside but
Dalegi belagaam khayalon ko                    &nb sp;         It will make your thoughts go wild

Puchhegi ye savaal      aur             &n bsp;                    & nbsp; It will pose questions
Mangegi ye hisaab na                    &nb sp;               Ask for accounts but won%u2019t
Sunegi tere in javabon ko                    &nb sp;               Listen to your answers

Yahan hai ik nadi                    & nbsp;                      Over here%u2019s a river
Aur vahan hai ik lal qila                    & nbsp;               And over there%u2019s a red fort
Par kahan hai is shahar ka falsafa                   &nbs p;          But where%u2019s this town%u2019s philosophy

Yahan aansu aur geet                       ;               Here tears and songs
Aur javani thi maine tere naam ki                    &nb sp;         And youth I dedicated to you
Avaara thi raat                    & nbsp;                      Vagrant were the nights
Aur sarhkein theen sab mere baap ki                    &nb sp;         And my father owned all the roads
Aur main tha                       ;                    &nbs p;And there was I
Tu thi aur thi Dilli bas                    &n bsp;               You and Dilli just

Kahin koi urh raha hai                    &n bsp;               Somewhere someone%u2019s flying
Kahin koi gir raha hai                    &n bsp;               Somewhere someone%u2019s falling
Kahin koi hai kharha qagaar pe                    &nb sp;         Somewhere someone%u2019s standing on the edge

Kahin koi khele jua                    &n bsp;                    & nbsp;Somewhere someone gambles
Kahin koi baney gulam                                     Somewhere someone accepts slavery
Kahin koi hai parha intezar mein                    & nbsp;         Somewhere someone lies in wait

Jab gaya kal main qutub minar                               When I went yesterday to Qutub Minar
Aur suna tha maine eilaan                     ;                And heard the announcement
Ki bani hai yahan ik nai party                               That a new party%u2019s been formed

Avaara hai naam                    & nbsp;                      Vagabond%u2019s its%u2019 name
Bhatakana jiska vidhan hai                    &n bsp;               And wandering its%u2019 constitution
Fursat hai kaam                    & nbsp;                      Whiling away its%u2019 work
Kuchh dhundhla sa jiska nishan hai                    &n bsp;         Its symbol%u2019s a little fuzzy
Vahan main tha                    &n bsp;                    & nbsp;There was I
Tu thi aur thi Dilli bas                    &n bsp;               You and Delhi just

Dekhe yahan kai mausam badalte huey                    & nbsp;         Have seen many seasons change
Dekhe jazbey kai yahan patthar bante huey                    & nbsp;   Have seen many upsurges turn to stone
Kai vaqt se pehle                                           ; Some before their time
Sab aaj tu keh le                    &nb sp;                    &n bsp;So say it all today

Avaara hai naam                    & nbsp;                      Vagabond%u2019s the name
Bhatakana apna vidhan hai                    &n bsp;               And wandering%u2019s our constitution
Fursat hai kaam                    & nbsp;                      Whiling away our work
Kuchh dhundhla sa apna nishan hai                    &n bsp;         Our symbol%u2019s a little fuzzy
Aur main hun                    &n bsp;                    & nbsp;And there%u2019s I
Tu hai aur hai Dilli bas                    &n bsp;               You and Delhi just

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Pranab Gohain
Nice one doode
by Pranab Gohain on Feb 22, 2007 02:13 PM

Nice one Editor Saab. I too got the opportunity to catch him live at Cafe Mocha 2 weeks ago on Channel [V]'s Back to Music project.

His soulful voice aside, it is only a surprise to find out what a witty yet honest man he is...and it so reflects in his music.

When is your album coming out?? :-)

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