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Strangers achieves a rare feat

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New Wind
i am lost
by New Wind on Jan 28, 2008 04:01 AM

folks, i am lost here reading many good reviews. Am I missing something? I mean guys decide to kill each others wives and Jimmy (knowing KK-Nandita connection) kills his own wife and goes to jail. Big deal. Am I missing something? Folks, please throw some light on why this movie should be called good (don't give me bull like good acting and all. thats ok)

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kumar saurav
by kumar saurav on Dec 17, 2007 05:17 PM

Till the intermission I felt as if the movie hasnt even started.As the fellow watchers in the theatres kept on making fun of the shots I tried hard to sit back and find even a single reason to watch the movie. Though Jimmy for the first time proved that he is trying hard to come out of his SRK fantacy but only Jimmy's performance cant keep u glued to the seats. Senseless acting by the leading ladies along with the over-streched storyline. I will give it two stars.

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Apurva Tank
This movie is a treat for non-hollywood viewers
by Apurva Tank on Dec 17, 2007 12:10 PM

I truely agree this movie caters to a tiny section of viewers. Because in our country thriller suspense gnere doesn't work. Cenegoers want only entertainment comedy and love story's work. Overall i enjoyed the film. More than KK jimmy had a well defined role and I loved his performance. As for the actress nandana was impressive as for sonali she plays a hidden character.

Movie lost in the indian context of disliking this genre of films


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RE:review by ramesh bhange
by KTVReddy on Dec 16, 2007 09:33 PM
Rmaesh bhnage is backward class activist and a known quota criminals..his involvemet in Nanny for PENNY SCAM-- VFS UK VISA NANNY scam is wlel known even outside uk..!!
He is deadly combination of QUOTA plus Quack!!!
How it works??

1. News Papers advt put in local Marathi news papers which has lower social status penetration.

2 .Fake interviews held at Sinhgarh raodprivate clinic run by a quackayurvedic doctor Kalpana bhange and short list likely victims

3. Fake property letters and relationship (Blood) papers prepared by goons and his lawyer from Satara by false affidavits.

4. VFS(VISA Facilitation Services) Pune and Mumbai are bribed to accept forged document without verifications by Vasant Rokade and ramesh Bhnage!!

5. Visa issued menatime women%u2019s were asked to pay in cash or kind for this favor!! No need to say women's exploitation starts from India before they board the plane!!

6. As soon as they land in UK, her passport and return air ticket is kept in custody by so called landlords in UK...These ladies were make to work for a penny a day!! She can%u2019t go to police as shadiest speak English or doesn%u2019t know how to approach them!! Threat is always thereof she does that; she will be reported to police as overstayed or illegal immigrations!!! And threat to family back home in India by Rokade/bhange goons remains!! She is also abused morally and every possible way one can think off! She is also even use as Hawala agents and Drug traffickers without she knowi

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Good acting
by vipa on Dec 16, 2007 08:06 PM

Jimmy shergil was good..

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sky in eyes
Descent and gripping movie !!!!
by sky in eyes on Dec 16, 2007 02:07 PM

Whatever the people say like copy of hollywood or else. This movie is one of its own kind which keeps you gripped throughout with excellent mix of romance, passion and thrill.
The lead cast is very impressive.
Hats of the writer and the director !!!
Excellent movie !!!

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A Architect
Quite boring
by A Architect on Dec 15, 2007 03:35 PM  | Hide replies

Went to see the movie after reading the review and found it to be quite boring.The movie could have finished in half an hour.The rest of the time it just went on and on.
What does the reviewer mean by saying that the second half is gripping?In the first ten minutes after the interval one understands who has killed whom....and then there is this loooong wait for the actual murder to happen so that one can go home!!!

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satyanarayanarao s
RE:Quite boring
by satyanarayanarao s on Dec 16, 2007 01:04 AM
Yes you are right. I totally agree with you. This is definitely one of those paid reviews.

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