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Christian Bale in Terminator 4?

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Harish  Kashyap
Direction, Story??
by Harish Kashyap on Dec 04, 2007 05:37 PM

What will be story and who will direct it?

These are the 2 biggest questions which come to mind, when someone talks of the Terminator franchise. Obviously, the guy has to live up to the level of James Cameron. Otherwise, it will result in another shit like Terminator 3.

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Terminator 4
by NoManLand on Dec 04, 2007 05:31 PM

Terminator 3 was worst movie of that year.
Hope they will do something better in Terminator 4

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Terminator 4
by on Dec 04, 2007 05:02 PM

Terminator 4
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pranesh joshi
I thinks SRK shud play Terminator after 6 pack abs!
by pranesh joshi on Dec 04, 2007 02:00 PM  | Hide replies

SRK will rock in the Terminator 4 after having acquired the status of Hunk of Indian Cinema even in US tabloid also.

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Ram Dwivedi
RE:I thinks SRK shud play Terminator after 6 pack abs!
by Ram Dwivedi on Dec 04, 2007 02:04 PM
....Right, and the movie should be called "Baby Terminator"

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joe v
RE:I thinks SRK shud play Terminator after 6 pack abs!
by joe v on Dec 05, 2007 02:13 AM
LOL! or te-te-te-te-Terminator!

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drunken monk
Terminator 2 The judgement day!
by drunken monk on Dec 04, 2007 01:53 PM

Lets c how good is Terminator 4 on par to it?

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read both urgent
by raakhi on Dec 04, 2007 01:18 PM  | Hide replies

1] Pravin Mahajan : Request all indian to protest against bombay based verdict of pravin mahajan who is not to hang. He killed his brother because of not getting the deserved love from his elder brother (so pramod also faulty) of family whoever usualy think so. Its on political background that pramod was the leader of BJP so Pravin got death. He deserve a life term and parole too to stay back with his wife sarangi. Pravin is not a notorious criminal instead a humble businessman who leads a good family too... THE DEATH SENTENCE IS A SIN AND NON-KILLING OF GANDHIJI'S DREAM GET BREAK HERE ALSO IT GOES TO RUIN THE FAMILY LIFE OF SARANGI & HER KIDS.... SO LET HIM GO FOR LIFE TERM...

2] Rediff please report a details news & support to the moral protest against the virar-churchgate local trains risky side and strike of abandoning train on 10th Dec 07.

All above r important than film actresses' dress and details....

hope you furnish all in detail...

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RE:read both urgent
by Ayu on Dec 04, 2007 01:31 PM
Absoultely Wrong, Pravin should be hanged. No question about it. Death Sentence is good for Domocracy. Else Tommorow there will be more shout outs. Control your emotion Mamu (Rakhi).

Stay Cool

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Message deleted by moderator
Fahad Khan
Good one.
by Fahad Khan on Dec 04, 2007 11:19 AM  | Hide replies

I personally wanna see Christian Bale for this role! Hez a good actor and has done good roles, may it be american psycho, Batman, machinist, reign of fire, or prestige...he shines!

Lets wait and see Terminator 4! is Arnold Back for his role as well?

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I Am legend
RE:Good one.
by I Am legend on Dec 11, 2007 05:56 PM
arnold is governer of california....so he wont be doing any movies until..he completes his term as governer..so he wont be in terminator 4

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