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Dance was Padmini's passion

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Acting Legend Padmini
by V.N.Iyengar on Sep 25, 2006 06:13 PM

The death of Padmini especially to film industry is a great loss.Her acting talents were unique and she was a gifted dancerin Bharatnatyam.The combination of acting Legend Shivaji Ganeshan with Padmini during 70's cannot be replaced by any actor-actress of this generation.The dextrity with which she performed her acting in Tamil Thillana Mohanambal speak volume about her acting talents.She stands a paragon of excellance to the new generation actors.Sweet are those days of Cinema.

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by Ramadevi on Sep 25, 2006 05:55 PM

I have always regarded her as a great actress and dancer. Just a week back, my husband bought a DVD of THILLANNA MOHANAMBAL and we were enjoying every scene of the movie.

I love to watch all her old movies any time and enjoy listening and singing the songs from her movie. I happened to visit a studio to watch shooting with the help of our neighbour who was a Makeup man and was lucky to meet her personally when I was thirteen years old and was at awe seeing the way she was walking and talking - very majestic.

I had a family friend - uncle for me ofcourse who insisted that K.R.Vijaya was most beautiful actress and I had taken him to a shooting where he saw both together - KR.VIJAYA AND PADMINI and came back home saying that he will take back his words and that Padmini was the most beautiful lady.

Yesss she is the most beautiful lady I have ever seen.

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Siddhartha Saxena
End of Golden era
by Siddhartha Saxena on Sep 25, 2006 04:44 PM

The demise of Padmini was a great loss of Art & Culture.I c'nt forget his memorable role played by her in the movie"Jis deash me ganga behti hai".

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