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This Naksha leads nowhere

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Very Funny review!
by Ritesh on Sep 09, 2006 10:37 PM

Awesome review man. this was one of the funniest, hilariuos reviews i ve ever read by vipin vijayan. the way u 've ripped this movie apart. any sensible person will not spend a $ to rent this movie, leave alone watching it in the movie theatre.

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What's a review supposed to do?
by Yash on Sep 09, 2006 07:22 PM

The reviewer seems to have no idea about what a movie review is supposed to do, and hence has narrated the entire story scene by scene.

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Saurabh Sharma
What a Pity!
by Saurabh Sharma on Sep 09, 2006 06:27 PM

It is a shame that our filmmakers do not show conviction in the plot of the movie and rely on gimmicks, item numbers and plagiarism. While, the movie is a copy of a Hollywood movie, the screenplay borrows heavily from movies like Lord of The Rings, Van Helsing and others. And, not in the life of me can I understand the need for stupid item songs in an adventure action movie. I know this is a Hindi movie and our tradition is to have musicals, but songs should either be situational or should not be there at all. Using item songs to simply woo the viewers is misleding in my opinion and only shows the director and producer's insecurity.

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not bad at all
by natasha on Sep 09, 2006 04:36 PM

when i went to this movie i went with no expectations at all just to chill,hv popcorn and enjoy with friends........but i spent watching the movie like a hawk cuz it actually interested me........the way the review is saying is not even that bad...........it is comedy and actually makes sense........rather than stupid movies like dil diya hai which also realesd the same friday.........no need to look at the acting or actors just sit back relax and enjoy ..........this movie actually makes sense..........so atleast go watch it for fun and the chemistry of sunny and viviek and sameers and how the boys get irritated of sameera's snoring in the night is quite a funny scene..........as a hv always said............nevrer listen to rediff reviews

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by rupak on Sep 09, 2006 03:43 PM

the review of naksha from rediff.com is poor rather than the film. the film is much enjoyable and entertaining although it is coppied from some hollywood movies(indiana jones series, welcome to the jungle).i think the reviewer has some personal grudge against the film.

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Rewiew on Nakhsa
by Harold on Sep 09, 2006 12:55 PM


I read the rewiew on the Movie Nakhsa....the critic i think has over done his review...that to match the thinking of the people n boast wit them..

The movie is not that great but its not tat bad either...good u can call..the camera work is great...i think best is the Background music//which in particular you have to feeel the ancient world....

The critic is just a useless review wala i think it takes more than common sense to right the rewiews....

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naksha is poor film
by girish on Sep 09, 2006 12:31 PM

watch naksha yesterday and it changed the naksha of my brain. Thanks to the end of the film to retrive my mental heath

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Movie Reviews on Rediff
by nikhil on Sep 09, 2006 08:49 AM

Well my comments is based on the various movie reviews that i have read on your website.
It is so dis-heartning to see one sided and personal point of views on your website.A movie review is suppose to be based on the quality of cinema dished out to you. But here one only reads negative and negative comments thats it. I am so sure before reading a movie review at rediff for a hindi film specially that it will rip the movie apart.
Hollywood movies are always appriciated and given stars. Classic example is a stupid and regular hollywood masala affair like \\\"Misssion Impossible-3\\\", whereas Fanna which is not path-breaking but it did not deserve the treatment your website gave. Start posting reviews the movies are worth for and dont be biased. Do not site examples like \\\"Lage raho\\\" aur RDB they are near flawless films.
But i think rediff reviewers need to come of age and start giving its due where it is needed.
Nikhil Sharma

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Mind your language
by himu on Sep 09, 2006 06:52 AM

I dont think rediff does any editing on these reviews. Review itself is using X rated language.Please leave us alone if you can

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