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Namesake will make you cry

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aman madan
I m interested too
by aman madan on Mar 11, 2007 01:43 PM  | Hide replies

Is there any one having e-book of that or having the dvd rip of the movie???if yes then plz do send me the links, i shall be highly obliged.bye

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nikhil  khetan
RE:RE:I m interested too
by nikhil khetan on Mar 28, 2007 03:02 PM
Sab Kuch Fokat me dekhna he isko... paise kharach thode to, office ka internet aur computer use karta he aur link chahiye

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Pragya Jain
I too have read it !
by Pragya Jain on Nov 18, 2006 07:07 PM

I too have finished reading The Namesake just a week ago and found it touching. And am thrilled to know that its now a movie. But i will have to see it before i decide on it..Actually when i was reading it, it was so catchy,revealing and heart-touching that it became very difficult for me to leave it even to answer a telephone..and i read it in just 2 days flat!
Earlier, I had found similar catchy novels from Meera Syal...i read both her novels "Anita and me" and "Life is not all ha ha hee hee"....and must say that the emotions you feel while reading them are already written in it ! And I also saw the movie "Bhaji on beach" script written by Meera Syal, but found it too fast and irregular to sink in the same catchy feeling..:(
So the translation of this great novel of Jhumpa Lahiri to a great movie is yet to be ascertained, and i will eagerly wait till March then !

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The Namesake review
by Nigel on Nov 11, 2006 09:42 PM

I caught The Namesake at the Toronto International Film Festival and it was a great film. And yes, I cried too. Here's my short review:

Mira Nairs (Monsoon Wedding) latest directorial effort, The Namesake, is an intriguing chronicle of the lives of an Indian couple who immigrates to New York City. Nair effectively explores the complexity of raising a family with traditional values while living in a new country. Tabu, one of Indias leading actresses, is incredible as the matriarch, but the films strength is largely drawn from Irfan Khan who portrays the quiet father figure. The Namesake is a heart wrenching motion picture about the importance of family and discovering ones path.

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Anand Manjrekar
The Namesake
by Anand Manjrekar on Nov 04, 2006 02:07 PM

I've just finished reading the Namesake and have enjoyed it.It's a plesant surprise to learn that it has been made in to a film. I'd like to see it. When is it likely to be screened in Bombay ?

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