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A super spirited Hrithik!

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by pratam on Aug 24, 2006 03:51 PM

Hi i am from Mauritius and i have watched the film about 122 times, it is the only one film in my history i have watched it to unlimited times. I am 100 percent sure no other film can beat it, and it is a film where Hrithik will be once again at it top.........the award for the best actor 2006 is always reserved for him

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by appu on Jul 06, 2006 04:59 PM

i dont think you have seen the movie properly.
You said that in the circus scene hrithik gets the
black trenchcoat with consummate ease.This is not true,he had turned the coat,which he had,inside out
you should have perhaps seen the seen properly.

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khan sameer
Rediff should upgrade its rating for Krrish
by khan sameer on Jul 02, 2006 07:01 PM  | Hide replies

Rediff u should really upgrade ur rating of 3 for this doesnot convey how good Krrish is. its a wonderful movie and u should have at least give 4 stars. its a beautiful movie

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RE:Rediff should upgrade its rating for Krrish
by Uma on Jul 22, 2006 05:05 PM
I bet u cant do any better than she does Mr.bobby..so might as well..shut it up..

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by bobby on Jul 02, 2006 12:27 PM

i agree completely with the review.. except for hritik and those very few stunts, the movie is a complete drama.. priyanka chopra can't act to save her life!!!.. they have marketed it as a "super hero movie" but its only a sad drama.. really crappy movie.... only Hritik is worth watching

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Krrish Review by Sukanya Verma
by A on Jun 30, 2006 01:57 PM

This is the most lousiest of the reviews I have ever seen. The movie is worth a watch and no one realizes about the stupid glitches that SV has pointed out - the movie keeps you indulged and entertained. Great attempt by bollywood.

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Gr8 Work
by chetan on Jun 28, 2006 10:12 AM

Its really agood movie after intermission. Hindi Masala should not be there.If the movie was not strech it could happen a superhit movie. Hritik is simply fantastic.but Director Rakesh Roshan pls think more ...

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Superb movie
by Amit on Jun 27, 2006 02:25 PM

I would simply say ..
It is a SUPERB movie
A great work done by Roshans
It must be a super hit ..
Fundoooooooooooooo movie hai bhai

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sudheer rani
Rediff Review Sucks
by sudheer rani on Jun 27, 2006 01:03 PM

Rediff Review Sucks Krish is an amazing movie..I've seen this movie and I could not resist myself raving about Hrithik...He is the most complete actor of recent itmes..I decided these rediff reviewer's sucks..How can they give good reviews to a nonsense like "Gangster"..Its one of the worst movies of recent times..Its time we bring some change in Bollywood movies and put a stop to sleazy movies like gangster .... Hats off to Rakesh Roshan for crafting out a beautiful movie

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Ass Hole Moron Review by sukanya Verma
by MuraleKrushna on Jun 27, 2006 09:38 AM  | Hide replies

Rediff better shut your ass and keep quiet instead of giving some sickening reviews. Krrish is tooo good , Appreciate the facts....

MuraleKrushna sb

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RE:Ass Hole Moron Review by sukanya Verma
by Uma on Jul 22, 2006 05:04 PM
Well then u shud probably quit watching hindi movies and stick to english Mr.Dinesh..Becoz this is INDIA..and We ALL LOVE KRISSHH

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