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Fanaa stopped in Jamnagar

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demand your rights
by DEL on Jun 13, 2006 01:00 AM

This is utterly ridiculous on the part of the gujarati janta for not demanding the freedom they own. The gujarati society is seemed to get more polarized day by day. The people who are supposed to lead from the front are misleading rather than taking a constructive approach towards pacify them. Individually we must wake up from the state of delusion to perhaps a more practical society..

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Vision of Gujjus
by Tulip on Jun 12, 2006 11:24 PM  | Hide replies

I am from a place which is far away from the Narmada region, have directly nothing to lose or gain from the project. As an onlooker, all I can say that the people of Gujrat are acting in a very self-centred manner. To them what matters is their own convenience, least bothered about others. They seem to have a very narrow vision. Everybody has a freedom of speech, so does Aamir Khan.

In USA there is a saying, the Gujjus' vision about the world is that only two type of people live in this world - Gujjus and the non-Gujjus.

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RE:Vision of Gujjus
by utkarsh on Aug 15, 2006 12:02 PM
It is vision of Gujjus that created (SARDAR) that created modern India and it was vision of Gujju (Gandhiji) that brought Independence to India. So please don't broadcast your personal biases and change your psychics.

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Self immolation in protest of fanaa screening
by IMRAN AHMAD KHAN on Jun 12, 2006 08:01 PM

I think the people of gujarat , like the BJP have tooo much of free time to indulge in such silly acts . pls guys , divert ur energy in doing something progressive so that the conservative gujju community can be proud of you . stop these silly acts .

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fanaa in jamnagar
by jeetendra on Jun 12, 2006 05:23 PM  | Hide replies

it is high time tht the theatres in gujrat should do what the audience and people wanted.

the feelings of persons should be respected whatever it be. did not the other state theatre stopped da vinci following the order by their govt on the popular request of peoples., as here atleast the govt is sane for not banning the film the sentiments of public is more strong, that even after the state govt not banning, its banned by public

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RE:fanaa in jamnagar
by rashmi on Jun 13, 2006 08:53 PM
I understand about we living without aamir khan and not living without water... but how would you feel my dear friend if you were one among those many people who have been homeless and the govt is yet to do something about their rehabilitation.

Not fair right.

Sometimes I wonder.. why everyone has to scream and shout about the same thing. Why cannot people resolve it within 4 walls.

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Controversy of Fanaa
by rashmi on Jun 12, 2006 05:11 PM  | Hide replies

I do not understand why the people of Gujarat are creating such a hype about something which I am sure they would have also stated if they were not in Gujarat and if they had a little amount of thought about what Aamir Khan spoke with regard to re habilitation.

Freedom of speech is our constituion right and why does not anyone respect a person's speech?

Does everyone in India wait for a chance to create some noise when there is peace for a while?

We who are growing up in this country begin to hate this country and feel that every other place is better than India for this reason.

I personally feel there was no need to create such a big issue where someone has to immolate himself. That shows how desperate he was to be in the news.

People who create noise just prove that they want to be in the news and nothing else.

If they were so concerned about the self respect of their leaders and state they could also resolve such issues within 4 walls than bring a disgrace to the entire country for the same.

People in UK are laughing at me while they stating what sissies are there in India.

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RE:Controversy of Fanaa
by jeetendra on Jun 13, 2006 12:30 PM
my, dont worry that ur UK freinds are laughing at you, tell them what they (UK & USA) have done in IRAQ what they have done in ireland, what they are doing in elsewhere. Its not good on your part to accept laughing at Indians, infact I would be prpoud if you ahve given a fitting reply to them

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Message deleted by moderator
RE:Controversy of Fanaa
by dar on Jun 13, 2006 05:35 AM
hello friend,
we can live without Amirkhan but we cann't live without water.

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its ridiculous
by bhatti on Jun 12, 2006 04:38 PM  | Hide replies

People of gujarat who want to see their favourite actors movie ( Fanaa ) pls wake up and make your voice bit more louder...this is democratic country you have the freedom the ask for anything you want.

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utkarsh patel
RE:its ridiculous
by utkarsh patel on Jun 13, 2006 11:25 AM

Da Vinci Code is banned in Punjab.......why ? atleast Govt has not done so in Gujarat with Fanna.

I suggest you all not to jump in to the matters where you hold little knowledge about the background. If freedom of speech is wrong in case of cartoons of prophet, if democracy is not applicable for da vinchi code than why you guys are making noise in every matter related to Gujarat. There is lot in your states and community to bother about. Please focus there.

Amair have all the right of democracy but he should be sensitive enough to care for the felling of public at large. In name of democracy & freedom of speech you can not and should not work against the development.

You all please mind your own business.

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by SHAJU KOCHAPPAN on Jun 12, 2006 04:34 PM

We get independence in 1947. We all have freedom to reveal our own vision. We have freedom for speaking and writing.

The teature owners have freedom to show the film or not to show the film in their teatures. But showing mucle power against the film is not the right way.


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