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The return of Madhuri Dixit

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anjali  mathur
new films
by anjali mathur on Dec 04, 2007 01:05 PM  | Hide replies

Hi Madhuri,
It's really nice that you're back in films. In fact there is a very nice story, which I feel you could do justice to. It's about a woman in a witness protection programme. It's a bout a woman who's married and is very veyr happy with her husband . She wears bright colours and is very chirpy and bubbly. BUt one day, her husband dies in a fire in a hotel . She is a journalist and she comes to know thta the owner of the hotel had caused the fire to claim the insurance monay. So she files a case against him and wins. The owner goes to jail for a few years, but when he comes out, he wants to take revenge on her. So she takes a course in self-defence from the police. However, that is not enough , so a oliceman is assigned to help herwhen she has a problem. One day someoen chases her down a dark road when she's returmning from work. She manages to get away but informs the policeman.
He suggests that she shift to a new place and change her appearance. So she starts wearing dull clothes, changes her hair style and hair colour and even wears different colour lenses in her eyes. She shifts to a new place and chnages her name and becomes a teacher. She meets evry few people and is always cautious. She becomes very secluded and quiet.
One day, she goes for jogging in the park near her house and feels someone following her. So she runs faster and reaches home . Then she calls the ppoliceman. While they are talking, someone knocks on the door. The policeman op

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Noor Ahmed
Super Madhuri
by Noor Ahmed on Oct 19, 2007 09:30 AM

Hi Madhuri, How are you? you are super super super hit Actress in Bollywood. I Know your coming film is block bustor. we are waiting for your next hit film.

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really waiting for this movie
by sachin on Sep 29, 2006 08:21 PM

i m really waiting for this moive, subject of this film is old, but u work in thats important.

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by Tania on Aug 09, 2006 02:29 AM

Hi!Madhuri, I'm a B..i..i..i..g fan of yours,I love to watch your movie,specially HUM APKE HAIN KAUN,its my favourite film,I also love your dance & your each & every expression,u r just,PERFECT. TANIA LOVES U A LOT.

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Hi Madhuri
by vvreddy(hyd) on Jun 21, 2006 04:42 PM


i am a very great fan of yours. i have seen all your movies. You are just great & Fabulous

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please come with aamir
by xxx333 on Jun 14, 2006 10:53 AM

hi madhuri

i am fan of you.please come with aamir once again please. you will be hit jodi in 2006.

this is kishor singh.

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ajjoo rokde
good wishes to madhuri
by ajjoo rokde on Jun 13, 2006 08:46 PM

i am your big fan. your dancing style and your acting is so good. i have seen hum apke hai kaun.it was very good film. but i like your role in tejab. but after the quit by you from the bollywood there made big space. please return in bollywood and i hope you will back successfully and start the another era of dancing and acting. we all waiting for you

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Mrigank Sharma
The return of Madhuri Dixit
by Mrigank Sharma on Jun 13, 2006 08:06 PM

Hello Folks....

Have some consideration for Mr. Shaji N Karun. If you must have noticed it was HIS interview about HIS film. Except for one, all the others have gone 'berserk' over Madhuri. Accepted she is a fine actress, but donot belittle such a talented Director. No feedback, no comments towards him?

Mr. Shaji N Karun - Frankly, being from north, had not heard about you till now . But on reading this interview of yours, look forward to this movie. Films from Directors who have been invited to showcase their movies at Cannes cannot be missed. The topic also seems to be very interesting. All the very best.

Thank you
Mrigank Sharma

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