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Gujarat theatre screens Fanaa

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Victory for Democracy
by Hussain on Jun 07, 2006 04:05 PM

It is an excellent news that fanaa is getting released in Gujarat with the administration allowing to get it screened. The next step would be, that it should be released all over Gujarat so that people can come out and watch it. This will prove if the people of Gujarat are for or against the stand taken by Amir. Ofcourse, all this can only happen if there is no threat from Anti Social elements who are hell bound to destroy our secular culture.

This could well be a starting point of a new begining, with Justice and rule of Law back in the land..

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file a PIL and SC might help you.
by coolzero on Jun 07, 2006 09:18 AM

Well, if you file a PIL for the same and present a good case it will. SC does not go out on a limb to do things by itself. So, go and file a PIL.

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Chirag Kapadia
People of Jamnagar don't need water
by Chirag Kapadia on Jun 06, 2006 07:12 PM

People of Gujarat need water then Movie. Good support by people from Gujarat but it seems Jamnagar people want movie and not water.....
I think Amir will come and give water for them.

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harish adhikari
the wrong representation of amir
by harish adhikari on Jun 06, 2006 04:10 PM

i think amir and non screening of Fanaa in Gujarat is getting undeserved weightage from media. As neither the screening of Fanaa in Gujarat is going give any benifit to India nor India is going to get anything from amir.
Fanaa is yashraj banner baby and all profit will go to yashraj and may be some to amir. what good it will fo to nation only God knows.
and amir is a shrewd marketing man who got great capability to do publishing of his movies as he did in case of Mangal Pandey the Rising. In The Rising case his publicity made the such a dull movie a hit the very first day itself. No doubt amir is best as acting concernd but he is no way can be a ideal of Indian as his main aim is profit making.
If he did a movie like Rang de basanti it is because he is paid crore's for it.
and the most interesting thing is that he support narmada cause for marketing reason only as we can understand that amir sudden rise and concern for country but what about all the rang de basanti crew are the all suddenly become so much patriot. it was calculated step to further promote rang de basanti.
so amir don't deserve all the support he is getting.

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Now, will SC force a release of Da Vinci Code in AP, TN
by V.S.Chakravarthy on Jun 06, 2006 03:06 PM  | Hide replies

I hope Supreme Court would intervene and ensure that Da Vinci code which has been banned in AP and TN is lifted and the people are allowed to see the movie.

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RE:Now, will SC force a release of Da Vinci Code in AP, TN
by Nawwu on Jun 06, 2006 11:35 PM
I am not a supporter of banning movies but I would like to point you out that DVC is banned by the governments of AP and Punjab - it is within the laws of the country, where as Fanna was banned by the goondas of Gunjrat, it is undemcratic and unlawful. If we accept the dictats of these Goondas then get ready to live under their laws.

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ravi shankar singh
RE:Now, will SC force a release of Da Vinci Code in AP, TN
by ravi shankar singh on Jun 15, 2006 02:45 PM
he naawu and salwan where were you people when few years back certain muslims of madhya pradesh imposed ban on film 'bomby'. several films in j&k banned by terrorists.recently firoz khan banned by pakistan.

modi has assured the film makers to protection. what you want that modi should dictate the theatre owners & gujrati masses to see the film fanaa so that the people like you will be satistfied,

moreover do you expect from gujrati people that despite aamir's continuos attack on gujrat , its govt.they should admire aamir.

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Thamizh Selvan
RE: Boy...What a comparison !!!
by Thamizh Selvan on Jun 07, 2006 05:57 AM
The movie FAANA was banned in gujarat because its hero Amir Khan made some comments on a dam ,for which he had a legitimate right to. The movie had nothing out-rageous about it nor did it hurt anybodys sentiments. No group called for a ban .It was banned on the whim of the gujarat CM, Narendra Hitler Mody !! Unlike Fanna , the da-vinci code was banned because it was bad-mouthing or trashing a religion followed by millions & trillions of worshipers in almost every country in the globe . Even right thinking muslamans all over tne world, including Africa, have called for a ban on the
da-vinci trash. When 2 of the world's greatest religions call for a ban, should'nt it be banned stupid ?? This kind of a comical comparison can be made only by the sangh parivar loonies & nobody else !!!

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RE:Now, will SC force a release of Da Vinci Code in AP, TN
by Padma on Jun 07, 2006 02:32 PM
yep you are right!!!

supreme court should step up and do the same for DVC, too

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''Secularism'' has begun to win
by Vishvaksenah on Jun 06, 2006 02:43 PM

The Supreme Court has intervened and seen to it that the cinemas exhibit Aamir Khan's film in Gujarat.


Punjab,Andhra Pradesh,Goa,Tamil Nadu and Nagaland have banned 'Da Vinci code' even though it was permitted by the Censor Board to be exhibited.

Supreme Court has not deemed it fit to instruct these state governments to remove this ban and provide police security wherever hooliganism can be expected in ciemas where'Da Vinci code' is exhibited.

Very good.

This is 'secularism' in action.

I request the Supreme Court to instruct all the state governments to ban the film 'Da Vinci Code' as it might hurt the sentiments of some members of the Catholic minority community.

That will be the height of 'secularism'.

Amen !

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Stop Fanaa everywhere
by Anil on Jun 06, 2006 02:40 PM

Yash Chopra and Amir want to glamourise terrorist romance and show Indian army as incompetent. I propetst against such unethical use of media for propaganda purpose of enemy.

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Celine Tellis
Re: Screening of Fanaa
by Celine Tellis on Jun 06, 2006 02:34 PM

Yes we have to fight out the very fear from each and every person as we are citizens of democratic country who should enjoy freedom of speech and freedom to live in peace and harmony.

Yes Aamir we should fight it out right from the root of this cause.

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aamir the cheat
by Nishu on Jun 06, 2006 02:15 PM

aamir thinks that his publicity stunt we wont be able to know. but he's wrong, he came forward to support narmada frantic people just as a publicity stunt..and lo, other actors also follwed the suit. I dont understand some people's pysche, particularly muslims. In our pro-muslim country, they already have so many priviledges, including the concept of "hum panch hamare paachees" still they cant live in peace. This recent mayhem over narmada is also against BJP because some of the muslims think that bjp is a pro-hindu party which is wrong. BJP is a secular party and is unlike a pro-muslim party congress. Congress lives for vote bank politics and like this thearter owner are some of them who support them. India will never progress if it continued for long.

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