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SC rejects Fanaa petition

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What to say..
by Mahadevan on Jun 06, 2006 03:56 AM

Amir speaks out his mind-- BJP blows thier tops-Producer acts silly-- this is India..the biggest democracy in the world.. when Amir said that the displaced people must be given proper facilities for their relife, the BJP shouts that he is anti people.. where is democracy man.. if Amir is an Hindu and has said that NBA is a anti people one.. what would have happend? he would have been welcomed with open arms and embraced with garlands.. since he is a muslim and he has spoken out his mind, not even against the goverrnment.. this is how things happen..
and in between the Clown Mahesh Batt.. moving the supreme court- having a sole intention of making money.. the decision taken the esteemed bench is the right one in this.. Speaking out as a common man i will say that What Amir has said is right. the people who are displaced needs to be given proper rehabitation.. Just because of this if his movie is banned(in other words-- we will break the theaters stand by BJP) which is mindless and showing how mature they are including the supposed to be stalwarts ..Nonsense

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Hail Supreme Court
by Chemie on Jun 06, 2006 12:09 AM

It has become a tradition to blame and disgrace Gujarat and Gujaratis in whatever way you can. I can't understand this situation. I hail the Supreme Court for such judgement as these filmi men want to create a filmi scene and want cheap publicity by blaming Gujarat.

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Mahesh bhatt's petition
by Ganesh on Jun 05, 2006 03:35 PM

A slap on the face of Mahesh Bhatt. Hope he starts behaving properly in a manner that befita personality of such stature. A very immature behaviour by both aamir and Mahesh Bhatt

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r g raman
by r g raman on Jun 05, 2006 03:02 PM

Dear Sir,
Now Supreme Court has rejected the plea of Mahesh Bhatt on Screening Faana in Gujarat Theaters.
Several States has banned the screening of Davince Code.
Will Mahesh Bhatt approach the Top Court on this also. It is my sincere wish that he appeals to the Court to Order all the States to lift the ban on the screening of code.
But he will not dare to.
This is India and Indian attitude.
RG Raman.

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Rabindra Kejriwal
by Rabindra Kejriwal on Jun 05, 2006 02:48 PM

It appears that the greatest Democrat to have taken birth in this planet is Mahesh Bhaat.He is so much concerned about the infringement of the Fundemental Rights of the people of India.
But why does he never open his mouth about the fundemental Rights of the Kashmiri Pandits who are living as refuges in their own country or about the bomb blast at Mumbai,Delhi,Varanasi ,Srinagar or Doda when hundreds of innocent people die?
Why is he silent about the ban in some state on the screening of the film "The Da Vinci Code" or when the book of Salamm Rushide the Satanic Verses was banned in India.
Are these not infringement of the Fundemental Rights of the people of India.
Sitting in a glass house and talking about these things are easy for people like Mahess Bhatt.
The other day I was watching on television of his opinion about the reservation of OBC which he favours.Why does these people who really wants to help the SC/ST,OBC gets their sons and daughters married to a candidate who belongs to these categories.I am sure this is the best way for the uplipment of the underprivilased part of our society and also will reduce the gap between the upper caste vs the so called lower caste.

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SC rejects fanaa petition
by Anil on Jun 05, 2006 02:06 PM  | Hide replies

Mr. Bhatt's petition was flawed and hence rightly rejected by SC.

But the actions of film industry raise the questions as to what is so imnportant in seeing a film which has the hero depicted as terrorist ..is there any motive to project terrorists in positive way ? Is it really necessary to makesuch films? Has Hollywood done favours like this for Al queda terrorists ?

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RE:SC rejects fanaa petition
by sagar on Jun 07, 2006 12:52 AM
sir, in my view, aamir has not done anything forwhich he should apologise. we are living in a democracy and everybody has the freedom to express his own view. banning the movie is illegal as well as irrational. if the people of gujrat are really hurt by his statement, let them decide whether they want to see the movie 'fanaa' or boycott. it is quite evident from the incidents till date that there is great interest among the people to watch the movie but the theatres are threatened by the youth organs of BJP and congress which show their despotic and anti-democratic character. and the Modi government is facilitating this by remaining silent to this case. now it is upto the people to come forward and decide whether they want this undemocratic system to continue or not?

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SC rejects Fanaa petition
by Aanand on Jun 05, 2006 02:04 PM

This man Aamir Khan has behaved in a very immature way. He has chosen the Narmada Bachao Andolan to say what he had to say. Without understanding that the name of the organisation itself means that it is not people bacho but narmada bachao and they think that the only way to bachao narmada is to stop the dam. The people of Gujrat understand this......barring a few idiotic and egoistic film producers. There is nothing wrong in apologising for immaturish behavious. But now this seems to have become a fight of egoes. As hostory is witness......some of the biggest wars battles have been fought for egoes. Aamir Khan should apologise.

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