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Meet a 9-year-old director!

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good camera work
by christy on Dec 01, 2006 01:50 PM

I happened to see the work of the filim. The face expression of master Kisan as a director in the set itself show some difference in the filim. The way the camera man takes the shots while in mumbai with JACKKIE SHEROF gives me more curiosity to see the filim. I think the work of the camera man and the director will be a good success and i wish them to continue it. I am very much happy that tamilnadu CM has blessed our director.
sincerly. R M CHRISTY

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I did not like the movie - boring songs and not much skin - not my taste
by Ramesh on Jan 14, 2006 03:14 AM

Just proves the point - the pathetic plots the bizzare song and dance sequences and cliched dialogues are so run down that its takes a Indian monkey to direct it. May as well be a nine year old !!
But serious things apart - just because a nine year old can draw a masterpeice of art with crayons doesn't mean that he should be given a honorary doctoral degree in art. This talent needs to schooled - weathered and seasoned to be a director. All the hype for such an achievement fades away when the final product is viewed without the hype associated with it and it fades into oblivion.

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master of future
by sandeep on Jan 13, 2006 04:17 PM

Master.Kishan is interesting more of all is a genius , but has lost his childhood and may repent for this in future.

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director ?
by sudnar on Jan 12, 2006 11:11 PM  | Hide replies

how can he be a director in this age ? he does not have any experience...this is foolishness...

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Kumar M
RE:director ?
by Kumar M on Jan 20, 2006 05:50 PM
Hi ,

dont say foolishness. Mr Kishan has a talent to direct the movie and he'll doing his job greatfull in his age. We are all appreciate about it and encourage the people who have the capacity to do work instead of telling foolishness. I wish Mr Kishan to all success in his future life.


Kumar M

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