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An interview with Rajat Kapoor

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Rajesh Thakkar
May I know Rajat?
by Rajesh Thakkar on Mar 19, 2008 12:28 AM

I had watched all your films except Raghu Romeo.
I loved them all. I agree with Sandy, to some extent, that you are in the wrong country. Everyone is in the wrong country to some extent, in some or other context. But, we can make the right path in wrong country with collective effort. How many of us are ready to fund collectively intelligent cinema with little share of his/her money? We, people are ready to lose money in stock market by buying shares, but we will not make a pool of handsome amount by investing money in film maker like Rajat Kapoor.
I am seriously interested in starting such production company where people can invest little money to help film makers to make intelligent and thought provoking cinema, just simply pure cinema.
Anybody listening?

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Rajat - Dont give up
by Sandy on Feb 12, 2006 10:52 PM

Seriously, I think you are in the wrong country! If you can come up with a good Indie script,especially in english - I am sure there will be many takers in US since you do have a strong portfolio now. You can also try making really short films and release them through Indie film websites to generate funds - they run lot of competitions and the prize ranges from $5,000 and above - which is around 2 lakhs 20,000 INRS- not much but its still money. I totally agree with Vidya- you can recruit from regional cinema - they can speak Hindi as well as English - it's really sad that our cinema is ruled by mindless morones like Chopras..SRKs..who will never win an Oscar for India and would let anyone Win...am pretty much sure if Satyajit Ray started his career now - he would have retired or made to retire - thanks to the Bollywood idiots. Frankly, I got nothing against them - but you should delineate between intelligent and mindless cinema - release the Jhatkas in Bihar, UP to earn enough dough to buy your Lexus, but also finance and release the intelligent cinema in the multiplexes - so that we regain respect as makers of thought provoking cinema.Nitin - dont give up Man!

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An interview with rajat kapoor
by aveek on Feb 12, 2006 10:13 PM

I watched raghu romeo becuse Vijay raaz is there and i will say just for some good entertainmaint it worth my money

I will add that spending Rs 150+ per member in a movie is really not a gamble.Thats why people prefer to watch star cast movie.Though most of the time it didn't worth the monet they spend and they to feel so.

but why taking risk with lesser know star cast movie when know star cast movie fail most of the time.

And i will watch Mixed double too not because it's another of Rajat Kapoor but because Konkona sen is there.

Yes I always expect something substantial from Konkona's movie.

regarding multiplexes lets make a rule for them; to give equal time for every new movie for first 2 week and in rotation,specialy friday to sunday.
and please lower the show ticket cost.

Rs 150 just for a movie,how can middle class watch every good movie.

If piracy has to stop then lower the price.Inmany smaller city many multiplexes cost Rs60-75.
If they can bear that amount without any degrad in equipment for 4 years and still going with such good show why metropolis run behind money

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Ravi S
Rajat's got to pursue Rahul Bose
by Ravi S on Feb 12, 2006 09:08 PM

That was a very good 'Devil's advocating' by Rajat Kapoor. I knew Rajat as an 'actor' and did admire his skills. I never knew he was the reason behind 'Raghu Romeo' - It was a good movie - certainly watchable! As Rajat's point's out, I did watch it on the small screen!

Rajat should seriously try to pursue Rahul Bose for his movies. I am certain, Mr. Bose would gladly agree doing these kind of movies with Rajat.

Rahul Bose is born to act in these kind of movies. I am sure 'Rahul-Rajat' combination will be a certain HIT. This is no 'mithya'. :)

Best Wishes,

Ravi. S

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Vidya Ramanathan
Some suggestions
by Vidya Ramanathan on Feb 11, 2006 04:13 AM  | Hide replies

A real filmmaker in B'wood! I appreciate Mr. Rajat Kapoor's intentions of making good cinema. Although I haven't watched his earlier film, I do plan to now!
Anyways, I do have a suggesstion though, if he needs good actors for his movies and if the mainstream B'wood stars don't do it coz he isn't a Chopra or Johar then I guess he should approach some of the regional film actors. Their skills as actors would any day surpass those of the B'wood ones!
Atleast there are a bunch of good actors in the Tamil film industry and I am sure many more in other regions as well.
Just a suggesstion as I have no idea about film making! But keep making good cinema coz I think its high time Indians started making good movies, with the same frequency as they make bad/terrible ones!

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Ravi S
RE:Some suggestions
by Ravi S on Feb 12, 2006 09:13 PM

I am glad to see there is some one who shares my view on the 'Bollywood' and Mr. Rajat Kapoor. That was a good column by you.

I admire Rahul Bose for doing these kind of movies. Trust me, he does a real good job. I think you should watch him.

Best Rgds,

Ravi. S

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nitin budhiraja
Rajat Kapoor
by nitin budhiraja on Feb 11, 2006 03:36 AM  | Hide replies

another one bites the dust. welcome to the jungle.

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Re: Rajat Kapoor
by Guest on Jul 05, 2009 11:39 AM
You can also opt for Vikram (Tamil) actor who is presently working with Mani Ratnam Sir in the movie Raavan (Ashokavanam :-Tamil Version).He also like to do experimental movies

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madhav prasad
Re: Rajat Kapoor
by madhav prasad on Jul 05, 2009 11:47 AM
I think you can opt for vikram (Vikram has bagged the national award for Best Actor for his role in "Pithamahan" )and he like to do meaningful cinema he like to do experimental movie.Right after super hit film Aparichitudu (Aparichit) Hindi version he gave Bumper flop movie called majaa that's him he also doesn't run out of the mill movie Like You
Thank you for You wonder different and simple cinema.

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