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Bollywood's new dancing queen

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amit kumar dhiman
bollywood talent
by amit kumar dhiman on Oct 13, 2008 10:58 PM

Many of the youth reach everyday at Mumbai to make their dream come true of Bollywood Artist but they come back without any success because of improper guidance. As my point of view, they should get the help for Social networking websites of bollywood in the beginning of their struggle. They can make friends of same communities for bollywood dreamers. These type of communities can get make their small scales movies to impress the big directors.

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Padmanabhan venkataramani
Accept it or not
by Padmanabhan venkataramani on Aug 05, 2006 06:14 AM

All these talents have flown from south. But i should equally agree that all are getting recognition monstrously only when they move to bollywood. Chinni prakash(related to her) is from south. Alla Rakha Rehman got a great fame after entering bollywood with great movies attached with his name.

Vaibhavi has done great choereography in "Aankhon ki...gusthakiyaan..."

Whats required is imagination and she has tonne of it.

In "Kajhra re..." she had made Amitabh just to clap...but the way it is done is great...It was a usual clap...but it goes well with the song...

And ofcourse abhshek...oh man...he does not know to dance and he had done well.."Hum chale..Hum chale...oh ramachandrae"...

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She has an excellent brain
by Swarajya on Aug 03, 2006 11:03 PM

How can I forget the way she handled 3 superstars in each frame of the song "Kajra Re"... Thia is my all time favourite as I am a die-hard fan of Abhishek, I am extremely thankful to her for her exertise in making the song and the movie a superhit...

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I like her choreography
by vajra on Aug 03, 2006 12:21 PM

The first song that splashes in my mind when I hear Vaibhavi Merchant name is 'Agar Main Kahoon..' from Lakshya. She also choreographed few telugu songs like 'Ati mettani manasuni..' from Balu. All the best Vaibhavi ji..

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