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Deepa Mehta: Vindicated?

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by Vikki on Sep 28, 2005 09:18 PM  | Hide replies

Why does everyone get so uptight when movie like water is made? If you are all so much worried about Indian values and good culture etc etc. maybe you should stop watching movies like - no entry, salam namaste, kaante, etc etc. Those movies show extramarital affairs, skin showing girls - which i guess is much better than talking about actual issues involving suffering women.??? How do u know that widows in Brindavan are not suffering same fate? There have been articles regarding this forever. People still give their daughters to mandirs as devdasis. People still burn satis. People still rape lower caste women..
Things are not so rosy in India as people want to think. There is good and bad everywhere. instead of "Prosecuting everyone involved" maybe think how to better the lives of needy people.

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by mukesh on Apr 20, 2006 10:05 PM
I don't know what the movie is and yet to watch it.. The way meera makes her movies is provocative ... But this movie getting its share of publicity by some way is good. People who are against her want her to make some good movie. I mean good in hindu values. which is like showing what they want. Its a pathetic situation where in u want a director to kill his/her vision. May be indian audience needs to grow up and think all kinds of people do exist. She might be really trying to show her art of direction by raising sensitive issues so that people can watch some of her creation too.
May be indian audience and people against her should come out of the concept of film world and come into reality. When movies on past have always been appreciated . people forget that those movies only show the virtues of life at that point of time.
Now when she is trying to show the evil which was existing then people need to appreciate it. Its not like she is creating somethings which didn't happen and even if she does its a directors creation.What is the fun in saying bolstering hindutva and removing all contents from history books !!. HISTORY is HISTORY and it can never be changed.

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Good work Deepa!!!
by nicenash on Sep 27, 2005 12:26 PM

Looking thro\' the two messages, i need to say GUYZ GROW UP. When are we going to learn the art of \"Appreciation\".I am sure she must have done a Amazing job, Lets face the reality, this did happen in india, lets not react as if this is something new or defaming our culture.I am sure going to enjoy this movie. Thank God , this is not another \"unfaithful\" based movie in bollywood.

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Phanindra Reddy Kommareddy
Mirror always had two sides
by Phanindra Reddy Kommareddy on Sep 26, 2005 02:13 PM

I appreciate Mehta in expediting the project even after facing so many controversies and delays. We should always remember that mirror has two faces. What Mehta wanted to convey is one side and we should also look at other side, the subject is dating back 70 years and one should think of society at that time. 1930 is a typical time for Hindu religion as it has undergone through many changes.

I agree with her concept that our traditions should change like running water with time. Hoping to see the movie soon.

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Deepa Mehta
by Sudarshan on Sep 26, 2005 12:10 PM

Well what has she achieved? She has depicted the most despicable custom that we have had.

The key point is what has been the objective and purpose behind this, was it to alliveate suffering of these poor souls or to earn kudos for herself.

I think the latter, because there have been other movies made on this subject and more poignant if anything else, they got much less acclaim and media support. Deepa Mehta got all the cheap publicity because she got two of her lead characters tonsured.

My gripe is why is this person talking about this now? Can she also provide us with statistics of how many new widows have been consigned to these ashram's during the last decade and how does it compare with the previous decade etc.

This is like saying Sati exists in India, well it does but it is like one in a 100,000 and that also banned by the government etc, so why make movies that depcit the country in a bad light.

I do hope the ministry of external affairs declares her Persona non Grata and ensures that all Indians who act or work in her movies are prosecuted.

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