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India''s own Superman

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by aaa on May 04, 2005 11:09 AM

The film should be titled SuperMonkey and not SuperMan. Well, Supermonkey is going to be the laughing stock of America I believe. I think we should be content in letting Hanuman serve Rama instead of clamouring for world wide fame!

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Hanuman is unknown??? Say who??
by Ajay on May 04, 2005 01:46 AM

Who is this smart man V.G. Samant, who says that though everybody knows Lord Rama not many people know about Hanuman. For his information, I have in my 35 years on earth not come across any Indian (Caucasians of course don\\\\\\\'t know much about Rama either) who does not know hanuman. This Samant needs to go do a reality check. Is he saying that he is going to make people aware of Lord hanuman? all these mavericks try to prove that they are trying to do something which nobody has done before.
Anyways, being a Lord Hanuman devotee I would still wish all the success in his life for glorifying Hanuman.

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