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''I asked for 25 litres of blood''

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Ritu Ray
Kaal Good Movie
by Ritu Ray on May 04, 2005 05:11 PM  | Hide replies

It very easy for audience to make fun of movies. Instead of appreciating a new director & hard work put in cast & crew they make fun. I think theses so called people belonging to classes are worse then the masses. U can make out that shooting in jungles with wild animals even if they are trained u need guts. I am a animal lover but if a trained tiger comes in front of me iam sure iwill be scared. So people who are making fun of this movie take a hike.

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RE:Kaal Good Movie
by pran on May 10, 2005 04:36 AM
hi all,
absoloutely i agree with the point that we all r bent on criticising a director with his crew instead of praising the novel idea ..i hope he must have gone away from the leads & tried to do something different(as i have not seen the movie)..I am also a true animal lover esp crazy bout the tigers...I mean to say that i have read lot bout them, i adore them, i luv to explore bout them ..also i feel that people shud be more concerned bout the tiger which to most of our knowledge is the national animal of INDIA..i have seen countries which crave for natural habitat & animals which r part of it..how many countries in world have tiger population with them?? So aren`t we lucky & shud be proud of our rich heritage...also being a forest official`s son might I might seem inclined, but to be truthful i feel that whatsoever the fate of the movie is,more approaches shud be there which try to move away from the common lead & do something different(as KAAL) as bollywood is doing an awesome job with some uncomparable actors part of it who r accliamed worldwide.....

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no logic or sense
by Nayan on May 03, 2005 03:05 PM

i just couldn't understand the logic behind chaning the name of Jim
Corbett national park to Orbit park in the movie (i got it from the
rediff review) . If the director is so
concerned about wildlife and all that stuff then he should have had
common sense to highlight a world wide famous national park in the
move why change its name. i haven't seen the movie (don't plan to
either) or gone to the park (which i would in future hopefully :) ) but it
could have served as a good advertisement for the masses about the
park and create general awareness

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Making public fool!
by thedesyner on May 02, 2005 03:29 PM


KAAL is against the rules and anti wildlife, with lot of multi stars they make sky even dark, they make us (audiance) fool in the movie.

love Bollywood!

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Sumeet Lamba
by Sumeet Lamba on May 02, 2005 03:15 PM  | Hide replies

Kaal will be Karan Johar's first flop film. The film is more like a RGV film than a Karan Johar film.

Karan Johar needs to make romantic candyfloss movies with an old man wearing teenage clothes only if he wants to earn profit in movie making.

Get the idea of making different films out of your mind Mr. Johar because you just cant make them.

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