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''Mohanlal is my all-time fave!''

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by johns on May 23, 2006 05:34 PM

i would like to know when you will lal-mamo combination like "hari krishnan's"

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One expects the editor to work!!!
by Sudarshan on Apr 02, 2005 05:10 PM

Who does a check on typo's and who edits the grammer?.

For God Sake
Sad Sag;
Jack Nicolson;

I agree Priyadarshan is a mallu and talks with a accent but to reproduce it verbatim is a sin!!

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Akrey Akrey Akrey
by Brijesh on Apr 01, 2005 04:09 AM

Hindi movies is in urgent need of comedy now. According to me some movies are trend setters and things dont work after the trend is set. Tezaab was a trend setter for "tapori dishum dishum" films, Baazigar was a trend setter for "hero in negative" Coincidentally in south also a big hit named "gentleman" came at that time which was hero in negative. Then 7-8 years later came a movie called "Dil Chahta hai" It made all love stories look like waste of time. Nobody dares to make a love story with out subplot today. If somebody makes it is an utter flop and some people just go and see movies based on reputation. I love watching hindi movies yet they have to come to a standard of 80s mohanlal movies and I think Priyadarshan as a director can do that. We need comedy movies and the light hearted love stories. Dear Mr. Priyadarshan if you are listening please make vandanam. I dont see why it cannot work as a movie in any other language. If I had influence and association with movies I would have made that in English too !! I have been lucky that I could watch hindi, malayalam and english movies and analyze them. I still think malayalam movies can show human emotions the best followed by eng

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Not True!!
by jayan on Mar 31, 2005 09:21 PM  | Hide replies

99% of all his Malayalam movies are copies of Hollywood movies , Priyadarshan do not write orginal story.

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RE:Not True!!
by Ajesh on Apr 20, 2005 01:28 PM
Dear Friend,
I think you need to see old films first and then you should see the latest films.

I can agress if u say hindi movies are a remake of Malayalam movies. Can you list some good Hindi movies which has some value and story

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to priyan
by balaji on Mar 31, 2005 06:51 PM

read priyans article.
i have seen most of his works in malayalam and some in tamil.
in my view priyan, by going places has lost nativity.
we are bored with the picture post card movies 'the trend set earlier by mani.

a recent movie by mohanlal udayanu tharam had a soul and was written with entertainment.

priyans themavil kombathu was one of that kind.

it is sorry to see priyan overdoing what he knows best

but times change.

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