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Tango Charlie disappoints

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a very good movie
by raman on Mar 29, 2005 05:28 PM

plz dont spoil such a nice moview by giving nonsense review!!!! i am also disappointed on your comments about the moview...
good one, well made and outstanding performances!!! thats what i can say.

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At Least don't change the facts
by Uttamkumar on Mar 29, 2005 04:19 PM


I don't know who the director, producer or the writer of this movie is. But i would like to request the guys not to change the facts.. Here in this movie, The BSF is sent to flush out Bodo militants from Manipur. Please know that Bodos are not there in Manipur.. They are in Assam. And i have not heard of any person in Manipur cutting the ear of people. So why the guys responsible for the film are trying to distort the facts.. and trying to create a bad impression about the people of Manipur.
And if you are making a movie, at least do some study about the things you are putting in your film.

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Bhavish Kothari
Superb Movie
by Bhavish Kothari on Mar 28, 2005 12:40 PM

A superb movie giving a deep and possibly real insight in the lives of the military men.
Plus points - Acting of all the stars is terrific. The ideas of Mohammed Ali (Ajay Devgan) shown in the movie are mind boggling. The jungle scenes of Manipur are very well shot.
Negative points - Too much violence. You are left wondering tht howcome after every operation, there r always 2 survivors - Ajay and Bobby?

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Shanjoy Mairembam
Tango Charlie wrong interpretation of Manipur
by Shanjoy Mairembam on Mar 28, 2005 10:37 AM

Story line as shown in Tango Charlie movie about Manipur is totally not acceptable... There is no bodo militant as such and no such big rivers in the movie as shown. The language those bodo people use... the cutting of ears..all those scnes..are just crazy & stupid interpretation of film director & lyricists.
It would be better, unless the individual knows in-depth about my home state; it's suggested not to speak any word about it for it hurts the sentiments, internal conscience; thereby breaking the feeling of Indian.
We are neither barbarians nor some crazy fellows killing other people. Even in Manipur, there are more than 30 different communities. How can one just speak about bodo people which is in Assam and not in any part of N-E states.
First please try to understand the complexity of the N-E states & their various cultures; then, comment on whatever one feels. Please stop commenting while sitting & acting at some film studios of Mumbai or Delhi.
We do agree Manipur is in trouble now and it is under-developed. But there are many youngsters like us, who dare to compete with others with the knowledge & faith we have, in terms of academic or courage or hospitality,etc.

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Review of Tango Charlie
by manmohan on Mar 28, 2005 09:52 AM

This movie is an honest and sincere attempt to depict the lives of BSF soldiers, never attempted before. The movie has exceeelent performances by Ajay Devgan and especially by BOBBY DEOL.
Worth a watch,


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Wrong basic premise!!
by sun on Mar 27, 2005 06:55 PM

I have always believed that good movies have a well researched script as an integral part. Tango Charlie falters there terribly. BODO MILITANTS OPERATE IN LOWER ASSAM AND NOT IN MANIPUR!! Even a child in the North-East knows that.

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Learn the basics first
by Anis on Mar 27, 2005 10:59 AM

this is the worst review i've read . Mr. Harish doesn't know a thing about writing a review.Mr.Harish you are writing a review not telling us the movie of a story. You told the ending of the movie in his review that Ali (ajay devgan) dies in the movie. what the hell you were thinking when he wrote this review? Now i am not even interested in watching this movie because I know the ending already. Rediff need to hire some good guys who knows what they are doing. Even a layman like me can write better movie reviews than this movie reviewer because at least I know the basics of writing a movie review.

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Its a nice movie
by abhimanyu on Mar 26, 2005 08:07 PM

Well movie is a movie is a movie.Every movie cant be so realistic like swadesh.Tango charlie is a nice movie.I liked it and i think everyone else did who were in the movie hall while i was watchin the movie

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