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''I met Aamir in the men''s room!''

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Sudhir Bodke
wow ,,i met Amir on my Birthday
by Sudhir Bodke on Mar 13, 2005 11:08 PM

It was 26th april 1997 it was a most special day not only because it was my Birthday, also because it was the first time i met my fiancee (of course now my wife) ,,,it was a saturday night around 10.30 pm i was with my three friends at GateWay of Indiawaiting for a Boat,and at the steps where you board the ferry, no one was around ,then there came this guy all alone ,when we saw him we all took plenty of moments just to recognise him althouth we could not convince ourselves as why and how the Great Amir Khan could just be here all alone at this hour & this place ,,
When we all were in a shock (starrring him with blank faces) he smiled and just shook hands with each of us,,after a hi & a hello and a little chat,i told him that this was my birthday and that this day i had my two most memorable and adorable gifts for life,(one i met my life partner for first & second my HIMSELF)he hugged me,wished me and congratulated me asked me how my fiancee was where does she stay & study,etc,,for few minutes were talking then came a white private luxury launch(the one like we had seen in the movie Darr )there was music and some party going on the board,it was there to pick up Amir ji ,,while leaving he wished me goodluck ,,and also asked if we would join his party,,,surprised we were but said humbly " thanks & good night Sir",,,,,,,
After he was went we all were just silently watching his yatch far and away,,we spoke to each other only after some time,,each of us convincing each other what a gesture & goodnesss of a man like him to talk so nicely to strangers,,,with around five to seven minutes with him it was almost like i was talking to him as if i know him since long,,,,

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Want to submit Aamir incident
by sujeet on Mar 12, 2005 07:13 PM

how do i submit my Aamir incident?

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Rashid Khan
wish you many many happy retuns of the day
by Rashid Khan on Mar 12, 2005 02:42 PM

Dear Sir,


from Rashid Kahn

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aamir is piscean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by phani on Mar 11, 2005 06:07 PM

wow gR8 to know aamir is a piscean
happy B'day aamir

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kiran magavi
amir khan
by kiran magavi on Mar 11, 2005 05:22 PM

Good one, made cool reading. Amir is one of my favorite actors.

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