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The man behind Devdas, Parineeta

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Sharatchandra- an amazing man whom i wish i could meet
by kavita on Jun 14, 2006 01:17 PM

When for the first time i read Sharatchara's charitraheen i was amazed to see his ability to understand people of differnt kind so well. Then whenever i read his novel i wish i could see him ,ask questions which have filled my mind.
If we want GENNEXT to understand world, people, their responsibilties, and save a culture for which people from all ove the world come to see we need to introduce our teasures like Sharatchandra Chattopadhayay, Premchandra and many others too

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Ulhas B.Kelkar
Parinita : Sharatchandra Chattopadhyay
by Ulhas B.Kelkar on Jun 28, 2005 03:33 PM

The Females in Sharatchandra's novels can be a subject
of Phd. It is amazing. They have a will of a kind of
their own world.

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by arindam on Jun 22, 2005 04:10 PM

The sucess of Parineeta signifies one thing very strikingly & that is the dearth of story tellers in Hindi Cinema whose story could be a success.The fops after flops are because of lack of content.

Now to put other writers in comparison in the article by Ms Roy is something of critic's interest.Tagore,Bankim also had success in celluloid because of story itself.

Greatness recognises greatness.It is truly the gratness of Satyajit Ray,Bimal Roy,Bhansali,VVChopra who have that depth of thinking to covert the simple stories(with complicated characters)smoothly into celluloid.

I sincerely hope Parineeta atleast goes to The Oscars.

Long live Sharat Babu.

Arindam Baral

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pareenita is a master piece
by madhavi on Jun 22, 2005 11:18 AM

beauty of the movie is understood only if u have an artistic mind n a musical heart which sways listening to it. don ever compare it with devdas, the novel written is excellent but the movie is not real with more of artificiality popping out.

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Good Info
by bookreader on Jun 21, 2005 06:00 PM

This is really good info,nice article. But it would have been great if you had provided complete list of sharat chandra's novels and a brief description about each of them.

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its very pleasing.......
by ajay on Jun 21, 2005 05:51 PM

Being a bengali it gives me emmense pleasure to see that a film based on a bengali writers novel has become a hit. I have read all the books and novels of Sharat Babu and i must say he knows how to weave magic through his writings, u just cant leave his stories reading unfinished once u start. But there is one thing which bothers me is that all his men in his stories are from rich and famous background while the women are from the opposite. This is the only part i dont like about his writings.

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importance of old stories
by abhinav on Jun 21, 2005 05:08 PM

its very important to make classy movies like devdas & parineeta for the present day film makers.the present generation will come to know of the rich treasure of stories by the likes of sarat chandra & rabindra nath tagore.most of the movies these days are based on the same kind of scripts.these old stories come as a breath of fresh air.but its necessary to handle them well to do justice to these stories .

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karuna sharma
comments on the article
by karuna sharma on Jun 21, 2005 01:41 PM

the article revealed as to what a great actor sarat babu was!!! sarat's women (in the novel) are mosttly talked of...they are portrayed as the kind, generous, loving...and most of the times out of the world...not abiding by the rules ofthe society...or would it be more appropriate to say that not believing in the rules this samaj sets and yet abiding by those rules...The novel makes an amazing web of relations.. the women in his novels are strong but then this doesn't mean that the men are weak. no its not the case.As Mr.sunil gangopadhyaya, another good writer, says that the men in his novels are not weak but indecisive.its very true!!!the man in datta wasn't weak but confused...he was an innovator and did not involve himself in thae trivial issues of the world..he didnot know as to what amount he has to pay his uncle...not b'coz he wanted to escape from paying it but b'coz he never cared for the worldly issues.a very good example in this regard is sarat chandra's shreekant.......it portrays a man who is not at all weak.....he has his own ways of living......he was awandere and kept on roaming all his life..wasa strong man but indecisive.he had no reason of living alone.

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