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Yahaan looks starkly different

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goodbye raja 'in' sane
by prashant on Sep 14, 2005 11:41 AM

!!!!!we're more than done with Yahaan, and wanna go someplace else.!!!!!

i guess we r not done with yahaan but definately with Mr. Raja for sure.

this was the worst review wrote for any movie, instead of telling the readers about the movie Mr. Raja choose to write about Schindler's List, Mission: Kashmir and Lakshya. And in his view the masterpiece Schindeler's list has pitfalls and magnificient Lakshya is disastrous. well what can i say obviously Mr Raja is overwhemled by his job as a CRITIQUE. he needs to learn to appreciate.

yahaan is beautiful and very powerful. simple and realistic . ofcourse its a movie with usual songs and typical cliches . but it leaves you with a impression. scirpt, direction, editing , photography and perfromances are excellent.

and at the end it does leave you with uneasy feeling. with which one just cant simply sip coffee and read news about kashmir and just filp over to some cricket news. even if this flim conveys 1 % of kashmir it did it job. and i believe it did it in flying colors.

!!!!!!!!!!!go watch yahaan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by zara on Aug 30, 2005 11:54 PM

i usually shy away from war movies or movies made against a violent backdrop for we have enough to hold our own against in daily life itself, but from the very first time that the song 'naam ada likhna' appeared on television, the music,lyrics, the mood and feel beckoned to my movie crazy-senses, while the cinematography and other technicalities intrigued the media student in me...and my curiostity was well quelled by this extremely well made film.tho' a love story between an army guy and local might not appeal to the bruised and battered kashmiri sensibilities, it is a good peek for us , the rest of the country into the frustrations and desperations that they live with day in and day out. as a movie yahaan does sometimes elapse into cliches, but for the most part it has certainly manged to make a mark for itself as a fresh and breath-takingly beautiful approach to the pure and simple and often naiive emotion of love,....a truly heart touching tale, certainly well told!

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Vishwas Verma
by Vishwas Verma on Aug 18, 2005 03:39 AM

I completely agree with some of the messages posted here that 'Schindler's List' was a great movie and if the reviewer doesn't consider it even a good movie then he should better leave reviewing movies. And about 'Lakshya': though it wasn't a great movie, still it wasn't a disaster at all. It was definitely one of the best movies of last year. Finally about 'Yahaan': This is an extremely praisworthy movie for the effort put in every department. Definitely a must watch movie at least once.

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apurva tank
yaahan is beautiful
by apurva tank on Aug 12, 2005 02:41 PM

In such a tough circumtances to make a movie.. hats of to the producer and director for their vision to shoot in Kashmir. Yahaan had been more beautiful if we had the freedom to explore kashmir in todays time.

Movie though long it holds you. For first time sujit sarcar has done a good job fantastic direction. You will get every thing from romance to beauty to emotions to message.

It is a must watch.

Of the cast jimmy shergill is perfect and very diciplined performance. though the movie belongs to newcomer minishii lamba acted very well as ada. she does'nt seemed to be a newcomer and can give run for money to our seasoned actresses.

Songs are soothing.

Movie touches you and reminds us about our kashmir which we have forgotten.It shows how the kashmiris and jannat squezed between the war.

Go watch out. you will have a great time


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raj should look 4 a diff job
by sandeep on Aug 11, 2005 07:13 PM

read this review.. saw the movie.. i think the qualities that a reviewer is supposed to have are missing in this person.. better rediff change this chap if it wants less critics.. most of the comments for him for most moviesare in negative only.. so rediff and rej better wake up

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vinit sankhe
Raja .... Stop comparing Films
by vinit sankhe on Aug 08, 2005 09:17 PM

To - Dear Raja

Everytime I see you would alwyas compare a film with Mughal-e-Azam, Deewar, Sholay, Lagaan and blame it for not being as Great as them. This always overlooks the peculier pros of the film and enlighten the weakness or cons.

A small but descent & good film like Yahaan should always be encouraged.

And What you criticise LAKSHYA? It was Farhan Aktar's directorial apex.

Ohhhhhh.... Now i know why Lakshya is a Bad Film for you?

Its not made by Yash Raj Films, not being acted upon by SRK .... I got it.

I Feel sorry for you.

God should bless you

From - One of the sensible Audiences.

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refined simplicity
by sukhwinder on Aug 07, 2005 01:09 PM

the movie is treated very beautifully. the sub. is conveyed thru' sarcastic dialogues which make u laugh at place but the very moment conveys the truth that hurts.
the cinematography is really good. the deliberate camera shakes in encounter scenes is very close to the moments of capturing a real on ground live shot.
the gloomy picture...the sky, the moods of nature..dul and dry the lack of emotions in nature in all reminds of the sadness and un expected fears which the localities suffer.
so must say without those to much blast and barbarism as there is in a war movie...this one is a clear sweep to portray the message... in a manner.. what i call a REFINED SIMPLICITY.
good job..mr shoojit sircar

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vivek kumar
Movie worth watching.
by vivek kumar on Aug 04, 2005 05:08 PM

The critic seem to be confused about the movie. But the movie is worth your saturday night with your firend and family. Jimmy Shergill as pointed out has done very well and the movie looks like more of team work so it comes out well it in end. This movie looks quiet real in the sense that it does not seem to offer any solution to current dilemma with kashmir nor trying to teach as to what people should do to improve it. A simple love story that reminds me of \"Sirf Tum\". Quiet refreshing and not bogged down by the star cast.
Kashmir is still the best place around minus the terrorism. The actress as for the first time is pretty decent(no skin show and fits the bill of kashmiri girl.).Music is sweet and pleasant to ears. Nor all the songs are hummable but neither you expect that. Two songs "leke Mele Chaliyan" and "Naam Adaa Likhna" are quiet soothing to ears. Lyrics is by Gulzar. This movie should make decent earning for the director/producer to make such type of movies. :) Go ahead if you like good movie.

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Lakshya was faaaar better !
by Aarthi on Aug 02, 2005 08:35 PM

Mr. Raja Sen, pls hold ur tongue before shooting missiles at other notable films like Lakshya. Yahaan,mite be good, i aint denying tht, but to talk of Lakshya in a derogatory sense is highly uncalled for. If u saw Lakshya in a right mind,wich i doubt u did, u would have enjoyed it, for, it spoke the language of millions of confused youth- a careless young fella maturing into a responsible adult. Probably u stil prefer to devour a chance to criticise our youth without bothering to appreciate them, wen necc.

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