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Blackmail: Timepass fare

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rip-off from ''Perfect world''
by Damodar on Feb 15, 2005 04:28 AM

This is straight rip-off from "Perfect world" starring Kevin Costner.

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by JAYSING B on Feb 01, 2005 07:40 PM

RATING: **1/2
It could have been a better movie if it would have been handled by directors like ABBAS-MASTAN or SANTOSHI.This film creates false impression of bike flick DHOOM.While seeing movie one feels that every character of the wants to pack-up as early as possible.There's lot of potholes in the film.Still it has got some terrific stunts like one bet. a crash bet. a car and a train where DIA dies.And there is one scene bet. DEVGAN and his son where he talks to his in dark and painful enviournment,that is tremendous.
The one man shines is again AD,where he plays a bad guy not like DEEWANGEE or KHAKEE.But after long time AD plays a character with humour.But a finest actor in india should become choosy any greedy towards his movies and should work with top directors only otherwise he himself will damage his exponentially growing career. Shetty anr priyanka are ok.But DIA looks pretty and gives her best.

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stupid movie, stupid review
by st on Jan 31, 2005 06:28 PM

stupid movie, stupid review

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bad copy
by krishna on Jan 29, 2005 05:27 PM

Man! You've got a bloomer. I bet my head that this copy was not subbed.
sample this.
"He then storms to the jail and warn(?) Don to keep away from his family"

"Which is where his comes (uh?) to know..."

"Like havaldars who conveniently drop dead ever(?) time Shekhar wants to terrorise Rathore."

"She has to spouts (ouch!)tears and wail..."

I had time only for these in a badly written review even otherwise.

It would be great if this piece is taken off and replaced with a better one.

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Ashwin Ramachandran
Is this a review???
by Ashwin Ramachandran on Jan 29, 2005 05:32 AM

Is this a review? Does rediff pays by the number of words you write? Why would I need to read the whole story if all I wanted to know was whether the movie was worth watching? Agreed that movies are predictable, but I don't need the whole story minus the climax. This is a total waste of time for anybody reading this. Its better to only have the viewers review the movies rather than have incompetent "critics" get free tickets and give us a scene-by-scene account of the movie.

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