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''You will relate to Kisna!''

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krishna did dharm and karm both together
by nareshtiwadi on Jan 29, 2005 03:17 PM

Dear vivek,
I didn't like your presentation in the movie kisna bcs you said dharm and karm is both two diff hing.But at some stage your acting was really mind blowing.i felt that you love some one else and share your life with somone else bcs that was your religion.religion is the back bone of india tradition and culture.I felt kisna did his job wonderful bcs living someone from heart was trully acceptable.


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by Ekta on Jan 20, 2005 12:58 PM

Hi friends my father is an handwriting specialist.He has seen the way Kisna movie is written according to which he says that people will have more expectations from this movie..but once when the movie is seen they will be disappointed.No good response folks.This movie will not do well on the box office.Lets c wht response do Subhash Ghai get from this movie.

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this is a pity
by pranjal on Jan 20, 2005 12:03 PM

subhash ghai has related this movie to the life of radhakrishna and has atleast compared that to thier,what ghai must remember is that he should not fool people on the name of religion.how can one see radhakrishna like love or BHAAVS in every couple of india.is that what he means?something which takes place at a transcandental platform is not to be brought at such a cheap level and publicized on the name of religion.krishna is the lord himself and ghai isn't worth understanding things of that sort.so he better tamoer with his ideas but bot turn them into movies.

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