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Elaan doesn''t have much hope!

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Sandeep Araujo
Nice one
by Sandeep Araujo on Feb 02, 2005 11:55 AM

Fantastic review.... I think the writer has hit bulls eye. Saw the movie over the weekend 'after' reading the review at rediff.com. i need to go by rediff's reveiws in future

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ziya ur rehaman
by ziya ur rehaman on Jan 26, 2005 03:52 PM

elaan is good movie and exllent story

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Avinash Mouli
Elaan-Long story short
by Avinash Mouli on Jan 21, 2005 05:03 AM

Hats off to Mithun. He played the part of the don with amazing ease. His calmness instead of normally loud mumbhai dons was well worth it. His ultimate expressions when capturd was brilliant too. John abraham does not fit into a mumbaiyya role at all. When he says dialouges like "Maarela" you feel like to slit your own throat. Lara and Amisha are pathetic. Arjun Rampal is good but in the end plays too much of a bollywood hero.

The best role of all was of course the litle girl who plays rampal's daughter Ayesha. Cute and sweet. Did you know she is actually 7 years old and is younger sister to the girl "Anjali" in KKHH and to the girl who played devgan's daughter in Dil Kya Kare...

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amisha spoils the movie
by hell on Jan 15, 2005 10:35 PM

Plot:- no plot at all,no twists & turn what so ever.full of loop holes.
Mithun Chakrborty:Vikram Bhatt wasted his presence could have pulled good public if given a better role.
Amisha :-amisha as a reporter,is a comic role of the movie, she doesn't know how to act and it is clear that her role in the movie is edited and twisted in her favour,which makes the matter worse.Amisha is a reporter & can track moble phones(with the help of a website! as if it is so simple job that any tom-dick-harry can do ???)& can shower bullets with ease even in the first encounter.
Lara :I think Lara's role is quite beliveable compared to amisha's, as a dance bar gal could be more comfortable with a gun than a reporter.Lara has nothing much to act and gives two item numbers.
arjun :he looks good in ex-cop role he could have been used better with a good story line & all the action sequences looks good on him.
John:he is better, improved a bit, in mumbaiya accent but has a great deal to learn in emotional scenes.
Music :music is a let down.there is no song which sticks to ur mind after the movie
Direction:Few places camera movement gives a feel of a hollywood movie else direction is mediocre.

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vivek gupta
indian filmakers are no-good!
by vivek gupta on Jan 15, 2005 08:31 PM  | Hide replies

Lets just face it, shall we? Indian film industry is just full of untalented, unimaginative bunch of fools, who have no idea how to make a good entertaining flik. They are just a bunch of losers who after failing at everything else came to the business of film-making and guess what, they have messed up the whole film-making process with their supreme stupidity. Day in and day out we are loaded with the stupid crap like Elaan, Veer-Zaara and countless others. If we have a talent-pool like Vikram Bhatt, we can say good-bye to our global ambitions. The truth is Hindi cinema is probably the crappiest Cinema on the face of the earth. We need more of Farhan Akhtars, Bhansalis and Gowarikars. Instead, the indstry is dominated by Chopras, Ghai and Bhatts. The sooner these retire, the better!

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RE:indian filmakers are no-good!
by retour on Jan 17, 2005 08:50 PM
You have the option of watching Hollywood films and shunning Bollywood films. Al most all multi-plexes run Hollywood films, alond with the Bollywood ones.

We all know about the standard of Bollywood films. Veer Zaara, the big hit this year, also had the shades of Richard Gere's Red Corner.

One has to be mature enough to judge films based on its target audiance. The Elaan's reviewer says that this film has no story, now compare this film with most Arnold films which too are pretty thin on story. Does he expect every Hindi film to be a Mugal-e-Azam?

The film's promos pretty much made it clear that it is a regular Masala film aimed at masses. You should go to the cinema with that in mind and no expect every film to be Deewar or Mugal-e-Azam. For its target audiance, Elaan does a pretty good job of entertaining people.

The funny thing is that the reviewer also found Mithun bad. On the contrary, Mithun was great in the film. He under played and was always in control, unlike regular villians who are loud. May be this put the reviewer off. His acting was like a 007's film villian, cool and composed.

I would just say that Elaan is worth a view and a good timepass.

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Superb Movie
by RAj on Jan 15, 2005 03:47 PM

Movie is HIT in all small town this is the movie for masses

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by Ajit on Jan 15, 2005 02:33 PM

Elaan no doubt a bakwas film but the only person who shines in his role is Mithun Chakraborty. Though he plays negetive role but still appriciated by the audience. i saw this movie on the very first day and i can surely say that what ever collection it will get is due to his fans only. rest of the cast looks like filler in this movie, except Arjun Rampal who shows some potiantial.

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