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Mira Nair on Namesake

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terrible casting
by Anurag on Dec 05, 2006 11:55 PM

yes...terrible casting...no doubt he actors are great...but they just dont fit in to the characters in the novel. Irfan appears to be so aggressive, so not like 'Ashok Ganguly' and the character of gogol should have been played by someone more likable. Tabu is perhaps the right choice, although konkana sen would have been so much better for 'Ashima'.

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by yash on Jun 13, 2006 09:38 PM

Having read and enjoyed "the interpreter of maladies", Namesake was a disappointment;

The promise held out in the short story collection was so immense that I just waited in the bookstore to collect my copy of the Namesake, but after reading i have given it away.

I would have loved to film the story"INterpreter...."
i almost saw each shot, and wrote the screenplay over and over again in my dreams...shifting the venue to Mahabalipuram, instead of Konarak.

That may never see the silver screen, but maybe Mira can make a better job of the Namesake.

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