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War of the music composers

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Vinit became victim of his own success
by k on Feb 27, 2006 04:38 PM

V all know, vinit lost, but i think the HYPE that Himesh created around him by aggressively supporting only him, which he didn't showed even to people from his gharanas i mean to say, he made a negative comment on paresh, saying that "you still need to beat vineet", hello, paresh was from his gharana, had it been from ne other gharana, v wud accept, but for his own gharana's contestant, that's bad, also the hoopla created on vineet's lady love, may also have back fired on him, and also HR himself admitted that he has already HYPED vineet so much, & i will not comment on vineet now, all this worked against vineet, and add fuel to the fire by saying that it might happen that somebody(debojit?)might win just bcoz, he got more votes from his zone, I mean to say, i m not against vineet, he sang "tera jadu chal gaya" in a mind blowing way, even Sonu nigam had admitted that this song he never sings in public bcoz it is a very,very difficult song to sing in front of public, but to summarize, I PERSONALLY FEEL THAT VINIT LOST BCOZ OF THE HYPE CREATED BY HIS OWN MENTOR

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Sorry, This article seemed biased
by Ankur on Feb 25, 2006 09:28 AM

The sentence in this article that seemed me most disturbing is "His war cry, 'Yalgaar!' (attack) makes him sound like a padosi from the neighbouring mulk". What does it mean? This is ridiculous.
Anyway, this article makes my belief more strongly that actually Mr. Ismail is the correct person; and thats why he was the winner !

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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
by Rajnish on Feb 15, 2006 09:40 AM  | Hide replies

It is tasteless music from the music directors. Its noise. The winner is Zee TV and Gajendra Singh who is minting money. Its like the finances of KBC. Siddharth Basu is minting crores with SMSs. We Indians are fools to be utilised by ths controversy; its like the old British culture. Divide and rule. Create controversies to increase TRP of the show. Thats the motto. The way they showed the "fights" between the music directors was all made up. I doubt even the contestants, they may be also geting good money for their acting. The way those people tried to go out of the show. I think they have already qualified for the Ekta Kapoor' shows.These music directors are all in cahoots with the cellular service providers. The margin they get from each SMS is mindblowing. The don't need sponsors even. Can somebody think on these lines.

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RE:Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
by Shankar on Feb 24, 2006 06:05 PM
Yes u r right. People are minting money by fooling the audiences. Atleast in KBC somebody may get chance for Hot Seat but here its pure loss. I have been watching this since TVS Sa RE Ga Ma...it used to be a pleasure to watch then. Now its more diturbance to mind. And singers, they all are no where near to Rafi, Mukesh or Lata.

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himesh reshmiya
vote for benit
by himesh reshmiya on Feb 08, 2006 07:54 PM

vote for benit

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Nilesh Patel
by Nilesh Patel on Feb 07, 2006 06:25 AM

This is all publicity stunt so don't waste your valuable time.

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shame on rediffmail
by nipin on Feb 03, 2006 08:25 PM

i dunno why they put this article abt mr adesh on the net. the timing has to be questioned...at heart i think vinit is good singer...but the person who wins shud be having good heart which i think only debojit has and he is the deserving one...and i give my full support for mr. ISMAIL ji and pray tht debo wins

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Sarmistha Sinha
by Sarmistha Sinha on Feb 02, 2006 07:50 PM

Me and my husband saw the show and we are ashamed that we are Indians and we say the strength of our togetherness. The show made us to think that how much regionalism is stil there and as usual we neglect the north east and the bengali. This show revealed the bengali hate propaganda. Earlier also the two mentor express their rubbish comments. Rearding the vinit and his mentor it like a circus and it is disguisting watching his mentor's commic attitude everyday. I think it is time for the north east people and the bengali to think what the rest of the people think about us.We wish a good luck to DEBOJIT and i am asking from north east and from westbengal to give a nice response to them by showing support to Debojit. I want to remind the two music director that they are now in this position in their life not only by their work but also the support of the public and some people of North east also like their work.So try to respect the people otherwise they will be gone soon.

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