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A Jethmalani enters the movies!

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As usual
by chinna on May 02, 2005 12:22 PM

Hi, Shobha warrier,made yet another attempt to eulogize Malayalam and Tamil movie by wrong facts and covering the actual facts.

She always tries to maintain Tamil -Malyali bhai-bhai saying goodie-goodie about even worser-woser.

I could not understand her attempt here on what she wanted to over project.

She will make all of us aware that Jethmalani(Ram) is a famous advocate.. thanks.

Anuradhaaas.. You should learn a lot from your fanatic colleagues..

Shobhaji, next time onwards, please write one line on top of your hyped eulogies about the objective of your attempts

If time permits , I just want to write your biography so that to make all Indians fanatuice inspiring from your thought style.


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