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Mixed verdict for Kaal

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With this Cast..Kaal fate is Flop.
by saif on Apr 27, 2005 08:42 PM


Emerging king of Flop ..Devgan(after mithun)
Prince of Flp ..Oberai

What do u expect..

Good opening for first two days later. Kaal will not able to Save karan baal

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john jonny jhanardhan
Media Hype
by john jonny jhanardhan on Apr 27, 2005 08:02 PM

I dont know why people rate Karan Johar so high.He is not even worth Peanuts.

I cannot comment on this movie.The promos are looking promising.I may watch this movie for Ajay Devgan, But definetly bcos of Karan Johar.

Rediff should put up discusions on Movies released by great directors like Shekhar Kapur,Ashuthosh;Yash chora,Gulzar,and some other big league directors.

The movies released by these HI-FI NRI style directors not worth talking.They come and go ,No one remembers them.

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Vishal wrong info
by Arun on Apr 27, 2005 08:00 PM

Vishal a reader here has got his info wrong, ghost and darkness features val kilmer and michael douglas as the hunter, not Nic Cage. It certainly looks like Kaal is inspired from that movie because of the jungle theme

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kaal response
by gaurav on Apr 27, 2005 07:44 PM

should be a hit but u never know the response from audience,they make movie like LUCKY a hit and movie like Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi a flop

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view point
by vaishali on Apr 27, 2005 06:08 PM

I think it will be a gonna hit from all of india . coz different types of hero hreoine are in the fim & according to first cut of the film it seems horrow ,wild life inside interesting story . both of the parties film makers & viewers find good response of the film .

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