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Mumbai Xpress in disappointing

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Vaibhav Srivastava
Appealing Miss Sneha to quit reviewing
by Vaibhav Srivastava on May 29, 2005 02:27 AM

Dear Madam,

Please quit film reviewing for you do not seem to appreciate even comedy let alone serious stuff. You call this "complicated, unnerving ride of senseless comedy" and then you claim to be intelligent by saying " If you are the kind looking for intelligent humour, this one is not for you". If it comes to that then I am a high ranking IITian and a working professional and I know something about what is intellectual and what is not.

My comments
a) I had to pause the movie couple of times for I was running out of breath and to marvel at what was happening.

b) I did not even have rediff id I created one just to comment for I found it atrocious.


To the webmaster:
Please publish my comment I dont why i have never seen mine getting published.

To rediff:
Get better people or stop reviewing movies

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worst review!!!!
by ChummaBalu on May 04, 2005 03:08 PM

Kamal is a person who tries his own way of making films.He succeeded in this movie,also.When all other comedians tries to make fun,with huge sounds,jokes of 1950's,copying others,Kamal won the laughter of all the viewers with his simple,but,well planned screenplay.

The review is made with no responsibility.I request the persons who made this review, to watch the movie,once again .

Kamal worked hard with his screenplay.He did his part well.The point in which kamal lost the movie,is that he left the major roles to other actors.He played a role,that did not dominate others.

I will vote this movie,as the Best in this season.

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Irresponsible review
by J.Barani on Apr 28, 2005 06:33 PM

This review is very irresponsible. I feel that the main aim of this review is to defame Kamal and Just to say " the film is Bad"
The reality is different:
Actually the film starts as an express and continues the same till the intervel. Then it drags like a Goods Train in the middle and again picks up at the end.
Kamal fits the role very much. No one can do the role as neat as Kamal.
The comedy is not of a regular type - Some thing different.( I dont know how many have noticed the horse shaking its head and kicking its leg as that of the kidnapper!!!!)
Technically Kamal is always the front runner. this the Second film after "vanam vasapadum" made digitally. Though in some places we can feel the difference (especiallly the scene when kamal pursuades the boy - The back ground is like a cricket ground and we can see some movements of people) sure this a begining of a revolution in the film industry.
As usaul Ilayaraja has proved that he is the only king of BGM.Technically every thing is perfect. The Director has done a neat job. Incidently this is the fifth with Kamal and all the five films are about Kidnapping (Pushpak, Magalir Mattum, ppuraja,MMkamarajan).Rating: above average

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Ramesh Arvind is a kannada superstar
by muraly on Apr 23, 2005 07:38 PM

I would like to bring to this reveiwers and the readers notice that Ramesh Arvind portrays a Telugite character in the movie mubai xpress and he is in no way a telgu superstar..the learned reviewer has work to write but if hse doesnt know facts should verify before writing aimlessly...To your information he has several successful films to his credit in tamil and he might have acted in telgu and malayalam as well

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Its realy comedy express
by VS on Apr 21, 2005 09:53 PM

Its very much comedy express,there is no doubt,this kind movies are higly recommend by viewers,in southern state it will be sure hit.

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Ulhas Shirke
Mumbai Express stopping at all stations
by Ulhas Shirke on Apr 19, 2005 07:25 PM

There was much spoken in the publicty of the film that it is more hilarios comedy than the prvious films of Kamal Hasan, Chachi 420 , Appu Raja and Pushpak. But, the film did not even reach even 50% of the level of his previous films. High expectations were that the film would be different but, in reality it wss the same old formula of a kidnap drama that we have seen in many Hindi films before.

The film fails to pick up and is dragged almost loke stopping at all stations. If it was called Express, one expected the film to maintain the required speed to match with that of Hero's motor bike with this name. The screenplay is not convincing and so are the artistes. The hero looks like as if he was asked to shoot after disturbed sleep the previous night.

Atleast the director of repute Mr. Sangeetam Sreenivas Rao should have paid little more attention to his direction part and suggested some changes but it seemed, even he had not given his 100%. Having released he film during the vacation time of the children it was felt that it would be a good treat for the children, but sorry kids, it's just another film to ignore.
( End of the message)

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ramesh is not a telugu superstar
by Satish.R on Apr 19, 2005 04:47 PM

ramesh aravind is not a telugu superstar as mentioned in the review.he is the kannada superstar who has been quite successfull in tamil films as well in the near past.he may have done few telugu movies as well.

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Ramesh Aravind is KANNADA Superstar!!
by Anand on Apr 19, 2005 12:51 PM

Hi Sneha,

I almost agree with ur comments on the movie, but mind u Ramesh Aravind is a KANNADA Actor and not telugu.

If u don't hav the basic knowledge abt an actor then atleast don't write about him and show ur ignorance.First get ur facts right and then start writing about a film.

There is more to South Indian Films than Telugu and Tamil.

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