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Madhoshi: Bipasha''s delusion!

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Intellectually Innocent Nonsense
by SraightTalker on Oct 24, 2005 11:53 AM

Well sometimes God do send signs.....first time the DVD was delivered cracked....so I should have realized then that someone must have chucked it hard after watching 2hrs of utter nonsense. Anyways I reordered it and had to live through the ordeal of a sorry and pathetic remake of "The Beautiful Mind" sometimes scene by scene with a moronic filmi romance spin.

Never knew it was so easy to get a face transplant done back and forth or, maybe I should have gotten a brain transplant instead before settling down to watch this. I think someone must have watched too many episodes of Extreme Makeover Dumb Edition before embraking on making this movie.

Priyanshu needs to act more and forget that he has to look good all the time, and whats wrong with the other dude, John? Does he have some kind of spinal cord injury or a neck problem? Can't he look up straight or is that supposed to be the new sexy look? Come on John no doubt you are all muscles but even Arnold Schwarzenegger knows how to utter dialogues better.

Finally I must say Bipasha has immense potential to do wonderful softcore videos. She should try her luck in San Andreas Valley instead of wasting her potential in Bollywoo

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by Nehal on Oct 06, 2004 11:33 AM

I saw Madhoshi despite all reviews against the movie. I must say I wasnt disappointed watching it! Apart from being an ardent John Abraham fan, I thought the movie was very well made [a couple of gliches here and there exist in ALL movies] and everyone acted well. Bipasha acted extremely well as the main protagonist. Cant go wrong with having John for the movie..he has once again proved to be the most promising star!
I wonder why the Sunday Reviews of this movie were sad especially the movie got 1 star rating! I recommend viewers to assess their own ratings and not go by the papers which are probably rigged and paid for!!!

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by Joni on Oct 01, 2004 05:01 PM

Nothing to say about " MADHOSI " but this is not show madhosi as Bipasa like to Show

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saugato banerjee
Ripped off from beautiful mind & face off
by saugato banerjee on Sep 27, 2004 12:45 AM

Henceforth, You can be sure about one thing regarding any movie starring bipasha in it...it will be a copy of a well made hollywood film, with some crafty changes to make it look original..in short..bollywood has become a "High Class Cheat".

Madhoshi's second half for example, is a scene by scene copy of "beautiul mind" starring russel crowe..universal pictures. Actually I have a good mind of sending some copies of all the goddamn stolen scripts and movies to studios in hollywood..(I Live in LA), and have some of these studios sue these bollywood cheats. waste of money going to watch these movies and realise half way into the film that it is a goddamn rip-off.
just to list the rip-offs, here they are..
Shhhh.......ripped off from "Scream"
Rakth........ripped off from "The Gift"
Jism..........ripped off from "Body Heat"
Raaz.........ripped off from "What lies beneath"
The best part is before all these movies the same crappy line appears "All scenes in this movie are fictional..any resemblance to anything living or dead is purely coincidential"..yeah right. coincidence indeed.

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Just shut up!
by Prabal on Sep 24, 2004 10:56 PM

I really don't know why people get personal with Bipasha and blame the fate of the film squarely on her shoulders, on the other hand the hatched faced Kareena whose enormous LAMA face ensures the sorry debacle of her films always gets good reviews! This reviewer creature seems to be incarcerated somewhere for she does not know or refuses to believe that Bipasha has regained her svelte figure and looks very beautiful and hot unlike her overweight super duper flop counterpart Aish or the flat surfaced Kareena Kapoor.

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