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Will Jamie Foxx get an Oscar?

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It amazes me (re: Jamie Foxx)
by dee on Oct 10, 2004 05:20 AM

LOL. I keep reading articles about Foxx. And suddenly after appearing with Cruise in "Collatoral", he's now this remarkable actor. Thing is...he's always been a remarkable actor.
Foxx started out in the early 90's on "In Living Color", then had his own sitcom titled "The Jamie Foxx Show' for 5 seasons. The guy was funny as hell. He's been in @ half dozen movies before starring with Cruise.
His talent has always been there, noted, and recognized. So who is the "who" in suddenly discovering his worth? White people need to realize once and for all - Blacks do not have to be "Validated" by white folks to be recognized for their talents. Thats why there is the NAACP Black Image Awards and The Essence Awards among others.
As a final note... Pull your head out of the sand, look around and recognize.

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