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Veer-Zaara: Instant hit abroad!

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aman gill
veer zaara
by aman gill on Nov 23, 2004 05:24 PM

wats a film.SRK really superstar in film industry. no one give him competetion.

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sanjay singh
veer zaara: instant hit abroad
by sanjay singh on Nov 22, 2004 08:05 PM

i would like to tell all my friend who are against king khan or his movie veer zaara.i wiould like to tell all that "love can never be out of fashion".if u make same movie after 100 years again the movie will be a big hit.the people who feel ,who know what is love ,understand love,respect love the movie is made for them.not for the stupids those who dont know what is love.again i tell.LOVE CANNOT BE OUT OF FASHION.and those who dont like shahrukh i.e king khan let me remind them that shahrukh khan has done all kinds of role.he has done negative role in darr,bazigar,light comedy yes boss,action movies like karn arjun,and many romantic role.in this sense he becomes a complete actor.and thus a king khan.

sanjay singh

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by Karthik on Nov 18, 2004 12:36 AM

Veer Zaara is a third class film but the media calls it a hit. Aitraaz is a great movie but it is flopping. In India the box office collections are inversely proportional to the Quality of the film. It happens only in India!!! So I predict 8 awards for Veer Zaara and 8 awards for Main Hoon Naa this year and Yash Chopra will manage to mess up Veer Zara into the Oscars. God Bless Indian cinema!!

A reminder to Shahrukh: Sir, you are 40 years old. Please leave such Veer Zaras to Shahid Kapoor, Fardeen Khan and Tusshar Kapoor.

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RE:arrest in bad taste
by Harpreet on Nov 18, 2004 06:06 PM
i think wise men should keep quite and reach conclusions when all the facts are clear and not jump to conclusions

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RE:arrest in bad taste
by Ryan on Nov 21, 2004 01:06 PM
The same should apply to you as well...dont you think ?

What if your father was dragged out by the police in the middle of the night ? Would you say the same then, would you not stand up for him, to protect him ? Millions of people have immense trust in the Shankaracharya just like you have (i hope) in ur father.

Mr. Subramanian is right in what he said, the media is definitely going to every extent to prove him guilty...Why the desparation ? Let him have the respect he has had until and unless he is convicted.
You dont have the right to take away his dignity till he is not proven guilty, you may not be having faith in him, but you must certainly have tolerance for the faith of others.

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Dr Y N I Anand
RE:arrest in bad taste
by Dr Y N I Anand on Nov 25, 2004 01:35 PM
Dear Ryan and Harpreet,

Subramaniyam has not mentioned anything wrong. I do not say that Ryan is wrong either. "One who is equal to friends and enemies, who is equiposed in honour and dishonour, heat and cold, happiness and distress, fame and infamy, who is always free from contaminat-ion, always SILENT and satisfied with anything, who doesn't care for any residence, who is fixed in knowledge and engaged in devotional service is very dear to me". At least that is what Lord Krishna tells Arjuna in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Ch 12. Probably Subramaniyam meant that.

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sreedhar b
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks what a horrible movie
by sreedhar b on Nov 17, 2004 12:06 PM

Over confidence always leads to disasters. Yash Chopra may have thought that the people must be dying to watch re-runs of his old love-lorn movies. Comeon grandpa leave it. Who the hell wants to watch indo-pak romance anyways. One advice to Shahrukh, it is high time u grew-up boss

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NRI like this movie because they are emotional fools. Indians have not liked this movie.
by AMJAD K. MARUF on Nov 17, 2004 11:53 AM


It is said that we can fool some people for some time and can fool all the people for some time but we cannot fool all the people all the time. This adage fits perfectly in context of the audiences reaction to Yash Chopras Veer Zaara. How long can Yash Chopra make same kind of mushy stuff and try to fool the audience. Once the audience gets bored they reject such movies as it has happened with Veer Zaara. The film could not even collect 100 percent collections on the first day even after so much hype and festive occasion. The same audience had rejected Sooraj Badjatyas last two movies and has given him a hint to make something different from his wedding videos. The same audience has now given hint to Yash Chopra to do away with mush love stories and start making hard hitting movies like he used to do in past. And all this is warning to Karan Johar also. I hope he learns from the mistakes of Yash Chopra and Sooraj Badjatya and takes the audiences cue to make something different this time. Otherwise the fate of Karan Johars movies will be no different. My advise to these film makers is Please dont take your audience for granted.


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Overdose of emotion
by Himarius on Nov 17, 2004 09:33 AM

How I wish a veteran filmaker like Yash Chopra makes a movie with new actors. Veer-Zaara is the same overdose of emotions from the Yash Chopra camp. I was seriously expecting to see something different but alas, it was a huge letdown.

I'm tired of watching Shahrukh Khan overacting and Preity Zinta playing a typical role. Why can't we have Aamir Khan and Suhmita Sen playing a different love story in one of Chopra's films.

Believe me I am no critic of Shahrukh but movies such as Veer-Zaara and Bride and Prejudice....we all need a break!

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by ram on Nov 17, 2004 05:14 AM

As long as there are idiots who can watch nonsense,Films like these will surely be instant hits.

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by Shilpa on Nov 16, 2004 11:34 PM  | Hide replies

I am surprised to hear Veer-Zaara to be a hit....wats happenning to Indian cinemas? I think people do not have much choice of entertainment hear except watching such crappy movies...or it should be a hyped up thing to advertise about that stupid film!
I seriously think Yash ji should resign instead of making such stupid senti movies with big stars! Shahh Rukh Khan...the streotyped version of arbit senti!!!
I wish people frow up and start making good movies....instead of wasting time with such nonsense!

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