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This dangerous obsession is cold

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sreedhar B.N.
manisha's obsession
by sreedhar B.N. on Feb 25, 2004 05:23 PM

Manisha koirala should decide whether she wants to do semi-porn movies or hardcore ones. She is fit for such movies only. Ek choti si, Tum etc. Why grumble after the cookie crumbles. She should know by now that beggars cant be choosers.

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Mudit Gupta
Review Comments
by Mudit Gupta on Feb 24, 2004 02:05 AM

how should I believe the reviews given by rediff.Let rediff give some concrete proff and interviews of artists playing the role to believe "were they really uncomfortable"

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Review of films
by King-Maruthu on Feb 23, 2004 12:34 PM


I wonder who pays for the reviewer's film expenses. ??
We are targets or guinea pigs ? Why would such trash be thrown to us.
Almost every movie has a wrong review written and with very very little knowledge about movies.
Every indian movie borrows every aspect of film making from west or even from music albums and advertisement. But then they talk of piracy.,

Let movie makers / producers / directors have something unique.

Lost in love they have nothing to tell, love love and love with it they throw a big big.. skin items songs and have changed the entire bible of movie making.

I believe there should be 360 degree in the review, something for movie makers, the people and even other..

better luck next time

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Steamy scenes an excuse to rake audiences.
by Hassaan on Feb 21, 2004 02:48 PM

Following Jism trend, many producers tried the sensual scenes method to rake in audiences. Just imagine! A cheap and a third-hand formulae for getting audiences. I saw the movie. First clear what does the actor(Karan Nath) want- Is it pure love or pure obsession_ Poor storytelling is its minor fortes. Totally useless- Please avoid even wasting your time on reviewing such movies

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How do we trust your review?
by Akshay on Feb 20, 2004 10:12 PM  | Hide replies

How we do trust rediff reviewers who have given green signals to pathetic films like Baghban and Khakee. Those films lack technically , below average direction and absoultely pathetic storyline. I dont think we trust you anymore.

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Message deleted by moderator
RE:How do we trust your review?
by sushil on Mar 12, 2004 11:16 AM
Hey man,
Get ur facts straight. both khakee and Baghban were gr8 movies. now i am really wondering how you would rate "Tum". And if you say, its a good movie, i think you would qualify to be a rediff movie reviewer. Becuase that's how they review!!!

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Message deleted by moderator
RE:How do we trust your review?
by srk on Feb 24, 2004 04:45 PM
U din get the funda??
whn u thot even baghbaan and khakee which they claimed good was bad' accding to you......how will Tum be good wich they claim as v avg......??
and well
Baghbaan and Khakee wer decent movies..had more of pluses than minuses.....

you cant just reject a movie..!!

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Kaushik Das
RE:How do we trust your review?
by Kaushik Das on Feb 21, 2004 09:22 PM
I found Baghbaan quite watchable except for the overemotions. Khakee was not that good, of course. Overhyped.

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RE:How do we trust your review?
by ashita on Feb 22, 2004 12:31 AM
I think ur the one who needs to check up ur eyes! Khakee was a gr8 movie!!
u need to know wht is a good film and a bad film........and then start talking! I would love to knw wht u think of TUM after u see it.......we need more movies like khakee which show the real side of life instead of halk baked movies like TUM.

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this friday's releases
by sudeep on Feb 20, 2004 07:58 PM

In the review of "Tum", the reviewver recommended us to go for the "Hollywood releases" Cold Mountain and School of Rock. I suggest Ms Ranjita (and the other reviewers at Rediff) check out Four for Venice as well,
which is running at Regal and Central Plaza.

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