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movie groovy
by abhilasha on Oct 14, 2004 10:39 PM

I love the movie GONE WITH THE WIND.any body joinin the gang?

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Indian movies are good too....
by Siddharth on Feb 29, 2004 08:48 PM

nothing against the international movies... but i think some indian movies also have a right to feature on the "more than a movie" list. Movies like, Bharatham, Kireedam, Mani Chitra Thaazh(Malayalam); Mahaanadhi, Anbe Sivam, Hey Raam, Iruvar, Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu (Tamil); Apur Sansar (Bengali); Shankaraabaranam (Telugu) are truely, More than a movie....

When we develop proper taste for the vernacular movies, and when we train ourselfs to watch movies with subtitles, then a whole pandora's box of regional movies is waiting for us.

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Inspiring movies
by M K on Feb 29, 2004 04:05 PM

In my opinion one of the best movies which teach so much about life in Hindi Cinema has to undoubtedly be KAL HO NAA HO. Despite the fact that it was written off as an overly melodramatic tear-jerker, it has many memorable and poignant redeeming qualities. The message that it conveys of friendship being crucial in a marriage is highlighted and the fact that two people can learn to love eachother is unique, realistic and refreshing. Its a welcome change to the typical portrayal of love-at first-sight and passionate emotional display of Bollywood. The fact that Rohit and Naina learn to spend their lives together is something alot of people do, and by emphasising this factor of companionship and compatability, KHNH has positively influenced the midset of millions who perhaps overlooked the importance of friendship in a relationship.

Also, Naina's character is very realistic; not every girl is a supermodel with drop dead looks and a matching attitude to kill (as portrayed by Poo in KKKG) -- there are more chances of women being like Naina, engrossed in their daily life issues and with more pressing matters on their mind, than what to wear and makeup. This is a sensible portrayal.

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Rajeev Sharma
Apocalypse now ...
by Rajeev Sharma on Feb 24, 2004 06:04 PM

I love the smell of Napalm in the morning ... Smells like Victory

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AMERICAN BEAUTY much more than a movie
by prasanth on Feb 23, 2004 07:05 PM

the starting and the ending scene you see dialouges about life. i don't think any movie has come close to that. last night i saw the movie for the fourth time. God is kevin spacy good or what you have to give it to him. would we all like to be like that. so much in this movie from every character there is a message. when he says in the end about how happy he is about every damn little thing that happened in his life. that should be the message for all of us we worry too much about life. why cannot indians do movies like this with some messages not just the usual dance carnival. look at matrix and morphius he almost upstages keanue reaves as the hero with his dialouges. when was the last time this happened in an hindi movie.

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Anuj Sharma
My memorablia
by Anuj Sharma on Feb 21, 2004 05:27 AM

My memorablia
. Casablanca - Rick's "Here it is. Looking at you, Kid!!"
. An Affair to remember (of which Mann is a copy)
. Life is beautiful
. Shawshank's redemption
. Dirty Dancing - Most of all, I am afraid of walking out of this room, and never feeling the way I feel when I am with you.
. Face Off - the pigeons flying and john travolta reciting in the church
. Beach - I will not die today!!
. Top Gun - the Anthem.

. DDLJ - SRK's To-kya-hua's
. Mann - Aamir's recitation
. Lagaan - the prayer song.
. Guide - Tere mere sapane song.

I will leave out American Beauty n Forrest Gump, they have already been mentioned!

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american beauty
by Brijesh on Feb 20, 2004 12:14 AM

Has any of you seen "American Beauty" According to me it is the best movie in recent times, godfather being the best overall. AB stands the test of time,I mean you can see the movie after 20 years from now and yet you will feel fresh. Watch American beauty, my recommendation of recent movies. Then there are Ed Norton movies. Frankly speaking none of Ed Norton's movie are boring be it keeping the faith or People vs Larry flynt or the score. So, there are some good movies lying around although godfather remains favorite mainly because of Al Pacino. Al Pacino is somewhat like indian stars, his role is repetitive enough I mean playing powerful man all the time. Talking of Indian movies, my favorite movies are Mohanlal's Vandanam and Anil Kapoor's Tezaab. Tezaab was the first movie that got me attracted to films. "Nasik ho ya mumbai, ladkiyan to ladkiyan hoti hai" or johny lever's "Jute dekhne ka hakh humko hai, khane ka hakh isko hai" and "Arre meri pakit mari yaar koi to" other person tere paas pakit hai and johny lever's reply "are kisi aur ki maari thi yaar ". Shah rukh Khan's DDLJ should also be considered best because it is an Indian film in its roots and copycats have redone it.

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How could forget this!
by Suri on Feb 19, 2004 06:55 PM  | Hide replies

Forrest Gump!

What the hell made you forget this film.

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RE:How could forget this!
by Kar`` on Feb 22, 2004 11:45 AM
Yeh abs..!
Forrest Gump was amazzing....!
and an older movie...but defi wrth watching...Rainman of Dustin..!!

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