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Who is a critic??
by vittal on Nov 19, 2003 08:39 AM

A lame guy teaching others to walk-Thats what a critic is.
Keeping that in mind, I guess we must never take seriously these reviews by 'know it all' ppl.
I loved the movie. Dont miss it just coz of this pathetic review.

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movie review of sssshhh
by neha on Nov 09, 2003 12:38 PM

tht review was totally unfair! I loved Sssshhh and it's music too. Dino Morea is the best, Karan Nath looks good, even the supporing characters have acted well. Tanisha shows good potential...3 cheers to the director, music director and actors!

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by Rohit on Nov 03, 2003 05:13 PM

SSSSHHH was pathetic.Nothing new ,i ahted it,it's just a remake of SCREAM,wat's there in tht movie.No good looking character tooo,only bunch of fat ladies..............

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about the movie Ssshhh..........
by Sakshi on Nov 02, 2003 10:41 PM

It is a real murder mystery. I do not believe people saying it to be an Okay! movie. Instead, if you ask me I would have given the stars an Oscar. Tanisha, Dino Morea and Karan are real gamers. May God bless them to achieve success in life
Byeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Enjoy the movie

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by Aamir on Nov 02, 2003 09:00 PM

Your review of Ssshhh seems to be unfair...while you have promptly highlighted the flaws in the movie,a similar appriach to the +ve sides of the film seem to be missing.
I have seen it and found it to be quite a gripping thriller..esp when you are pulling your hair out till the last scene trying to figure out who the killer is.
The performances from the lead actors are not as bad as you are making them out to be - give them a break.Tanishaa as a newcomer and Dino are pretty good.

Besides the movie itself,i believe the complete Ssshhh team needs to be commended for their effort in making a truly different kind of movie,something Hindi film-goers rarely get to see.Its a refreshing change from the 'dancing round trees' routine.So for all of you who haven't seen the movie,dont miss out on this, it truly deserves one viewing atleast.

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by neeraj on Nov 01, 2003 04:45 PM  | Hide replies

i saw the movie and one should praise the brilliant cinematography of the movie! film has its ups and downs! on up front cinematography,back ground score in some parts especially when the movie moves to thailand's beach, good sound design, good taking by director and some good acting by Dino! on the down side faulty screenplay,length of the film, though sound design is good but at times you feel that things are getting repeated!
Finally about Tanisha, she is good at dialogue delivery but her facial expressions were not up to the mark!
Any one who wants to watch excellent cinematographey, very good taking with some thrills can go for it!

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by saurabh on Nov 15, 2003 05:18 AM
totally disagree with sukanya's review. i haven't seen any hindi movie before that has kept me guessing so much till the very end. infact, i was watching the movie with 2 other friends and throughout the movie we were trying to find faults in the movie, but in vain. personally, i loved tanishaa. and i am sure she will be on top one day.

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