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''Making Pinjar was painful''

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Pankaj Katti
by Pankaj Katti on Oct 29, 2003 05:36 PM  | Hide replies

It is a MUST SEE movie.If any Indian has a 1% faith

in India and its literature,he should watch the movie.The whole movie is so compact and every scene is so directed that u dont want to miss a single scene in the movie.Every indian should see it,its a salute to india and a show which will tell u a true story of what happened during partition.I wish all the members of movie a grand success.

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swapnil s
Re: Pinjar
by swapnil s on Jan 07, 2011 09:31 PM
I have notice that now a day people not read literature and this is the seed of there problem because I believe that " Vachal Tar Vachal "(Means : If you read anything then only you can survive in this world).In this era people aways gives the excuse we dont have time to read any kind of book which is related to any topic.Because of this reason they don't have right perspective to understand what film want to say.Hinduism is our ancient/historical culture which has very strong and ethical base.This is natural thing if I come to your house and I will say believe on so and so God it is natural reaction that you resist me the same thing is happening here Muslim are not origin from India they come from out side and they started to do wrong thing in India and now a days in all world.World top 30 criminals are Muslims I am not saying terrorist they are different than criminals. That is the best example to understand that Muslim do have ethics,culture and own thought.

they always be hate part of Hindus because history is evidence why Hindu heat them.Kindly read about Great king Shivaji,Jasi Raani , Lalbahadur shastri,India - Pak partition .

About the film , Film has show the real face of Muslim thats why I like so much.Expect one part which I am personally not satisfied.When Hindu person pick up Muslim girl for 3days rape here & leave her.But this things they started 1000year ago Muslim came India rape Hindu womens.So there no sense to creat

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swapnil s
Re: Re: Pinjar
by swapnil s on Jan 07, 2011 09:36 PM
to create fake balloon that Hindu stared 1st.This is the land of Hindus not Muslims.If they having problem in they can go to pak or any other Muslim country.

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