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The magic that is Rekha

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Rajendra Yammanuru
The magic but the presentation is misterious
by Rajendra Yammanuru on Oct 10, 2003 02:49 PM  | Hide replies

The writer should remember that, it is not possible for every one to understand the language and expression, hence I request the writer / journalist to present it in a simple way so as to convey the right meaning.


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gita subramanian
brush ur english man
by gita subramanian on Oct 10, 2003 10:38 PM
brush ur english and u will be able to enjoy the article.
or else simple advice, keep away from such write-ups!

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Vasudev Kanchan
Rekh is the Great
by Vasudev Kanchan on Oct 10, 2003 01:52 PM

We cannot comapare the Rekha to any body like hema, sri, japarad and maduri.I dont like sridevi. today also people like her acting one who cannot for get the Rekha. I am dream to meet Rekha. I dont thing I will meet her in this janam becuase I am poor man. I am not allowed to Rekha to comepare sridevi.

All the best to rekha she the one best actors in indusries.

Vasudev Kanchan

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